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We start our journey thousands of years ago in ancient China. Much of Traditional Chinese Medicine is rooted in several classical writings. One of the first is Huang Di, Nei Jing Su Wen. One story in this classic tells of Huang Di growing from a child to a man capable of questioning, studying, and learning. The story is as follows:

Ancient practices still play an important role in China today.
The Li River, Xingping, China.

In former times there was Huang Di. When he came to life, he had magic power like a spirit. While he was [still] weak, he could speak. While he was [still] young, he was quick of apprehension.

After he had grown up, he was sincere and skillful. After he had matured, he ascended to heaven. Now, he asked the Heavenly Teacher: “I have heard that the people of high antiquity, in [the sequence of spring and autumn, all exceeded one hundred years. But in their movements and activities there was no weakening. As for the people of today, after one half of a hundred years, the movements and activities of all of them weaken. Is this because the times are different, or is it that the people have lost this [ability]?”

Qi Bo responded: “The people of high antiquity, those who knew the Way, they modeled [their behavior] on yin and yang and they complied with the arts and the calculation.”

From Huang Di nei jing su wen: An Annotated Translation of Huang Di’s Inner Classic – Basic QuestionsVolume I Chapters 1 through 52 by Paul U. Unschuld and Hermann Tessenowin Collaboration with Zheng Jinsheng

Chives flower, Garlic chives or Chinese Chive.
Food is Life.

What is the "Way" Qi Bo mentions? What did the ancients know that we need to capture in our lives? We will explore this topic through blog posts, videos, webinars, workshops, podcasts, and more! Our ultimate goal is to help you think about your health and lifestyle in a new way that unlocks your best self and well being.

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    1. Thank you Addie! Hopefully the article on Elemental Wisdom for the Spring gave you some great ideas for how to stay healthy. This week, we will be posting an article on the foods mentioned in that article, along with a free shopping guide!

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