What Color Foods to Eat to Help you Sleep

You can’t fall asleep. You find yourself waking in the middle of the night, tossing and turning. The bathroom calls your name long before it’s time to wake up for the day, and you cannot fall back to sleep. Vivid dreams disturb your sleep or wake you and leave you feeling anxious.

All of these sleep problems, insomnia, wakefulness, trouble falling back to sleep, and vivid dreaming, have their roots in Yin and Yang imbalances in your body. Your internal organs are not functioning properly so Qi and Blood cannot flow smoothly. We explain the major problems occurring in your body in our article A Good Night’s Sleep Using Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In our second article in the series we write about Chinese Super Foods to Help You Sleep. Today we are writing about a super quick, fun way to think about what foods you need to eat beyond Chinese super foods.

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Chinese Super Foods to Help you Sleep

Can adding certain foods to your diet help you sleep better? Yes! According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), various sleep problems result from an imbalance in the body. Food can help you put your body back into balance, leading to better sleep, as well as physical and emotional well-being. Read on to learn what foods to eat for different types of problems sleeping.

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