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30 Day Inside & Out Movement Challenge

30-Day challenge Week 1

It warms my heart to know that each one of you is going to improve your life. Welcome to the Inside & Out Movement: 30-Day Challenge. I can’t wait to see the progress everyone makes over the next 30 days.

Click on the link below to get started!

Yin Yang Figure
Motivation is important when completing Radiant Shenti's Inside & Out Movement 30-Day Challenge. The rocket ship pictured serves as an analogy for motivation

30-Day challenge Week 2

Week 2 focuses on your internal organ systems, as viewed by Chinese medicine, and how the health of these systems is reflected in your face! You will have fun with facial reading and learning how to do facial gua sha.

30-Day challenge Week 3

For Week 3, you will learn about digestion and which exercises and movements boost your digestive health.

If you have ever suffered from digestive problems, you know the symptoms can be painful. Not only can digestive issues cause discomfort, they can harm your body’s ability to draw nutrients from the food you eat, which leads to problems with your Qi and blood.

The movement of food through the digestive system is one of the most important types of movement in your body. Nurturing and caring for your digestive systems are essential for good physical and emotional well-being.

A stylized drawing of a person doing qigong as part of the Inside & Out Movement 30-Day Challenge by Radiant Shenti
Artistic drawing of 3 circles in a diagonal line

30-Day challenge Week 4

During Week 4 you will explore movement in relation to rhythmic cycles.

In Chinese medicine, the movements you do should match the rhythmic flow of each day, the seasons, and your lifespan. This week you will learn about these rhythms and the types of exercise appropriate to each.

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