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Inside & Out Movement

30-Day Challenge

A stylized drawing of a person doing qigong as part of the Inside & Out Movement 30-Day Challenge by Radiant Shenti

Welcome to Radiant Shenti's

Inside & Out Movement 30-Day Challenge

According to Chinese medicine, most physical and emotional problems result from your body not doing what it needs to do to stay healthy. Two things within your control can help cure these problems: 1) eating the right foods and 2) exercising the right way.

This 30-day challenge helps you tackle the second thing you can control: exercise.

It is designed to help you build a healthy habit of moving a lot more throughout your day, which will help you regain and keep your health for many years to come!

Body check-in image from Radiant Shenti's Inside & Out Movement 30-Day Challenge

When I started moving more often—little bits throughout the day—instead of only exercising once in the morning or evening, I was just experimenting. I wanted to see whether or not Chinese medicine was right: Could I stay fit, look great, and feel better emotionally and physically by moving more often and in different ways?

My perspective and health completely changed! I realized that even though I looked fit and thought I was strong, moving more often helped me look and feel even better.

My health and overall outlook on life improved when I started inside & out movement. I learned skills and ways of thinking about my wellness that changed my life. 

Results may vary, but the reality is that the small, incremental steps you will take every day of this challenge will add up to something much bigger.

A daily routine filled with frequent inside & out movement and massage is something anyone can do with a bit of perseverance, regardless of previous skills, level of fitness, or age.

Finding the motivation to change in a 30-Day Challenge

Your current state of mental and physical health didn’t happen overnight. Years of practice have brought you to where you are now.

Every action you take practices some form of behavior. You can tell whether or not the skills and habits you practice are working for you with two indicators—how your body feels, and how happy you are.

If you have aches, pains, depression, acne, or other problems, something is not working right. You’re practicing either the wrong things or going about them the wrong way, and most likely not thinking about inside & out movement.

However, just knowing that something is not working does not mean you can change your behavior.

Motivation is important when completing Radiant Shenti's Inside & Out Movement 30-Day Challenge. The rocket ship pictured serves as an analogy for motivation

Change is hard!

When I was working on my doctorate, I studied motivation and what helped people feel creative, happy, and inspired. I also worked with people addicted to gambling and saw firsthand the damage unhealthy habits can cause in our lives.

By working with people who could change and those who could not, I learned that there is no magic answer. Nothing will help you change overnight. That's why I want to help you change your exercise habits during this Inside & Out Movement 30-Day Challenge.

As Dan Ariely has discovered through his research, changing your behavior is like launching a rocket ship into space. You need to add fuel and reduce friction to accomplish your goals.

There are tips and tricks that make changing how you think and act possible over time.

You will learn these tips and tricks, and more, when you participate in the Inside & Out Movement 30-Day Challenge

What to Expect with the Inside & Out Movement 30-Day Challenge

During this challenge, you will learn three main concepts of movement that will help you have abundant health and long life:

  • Moving frequently is essential for optimal health. Exercising for one hour, once or twice a day, does not give you the same overall health benefits as moving for 1-5 minutes every hour or half hour.
  • Moving all of your joints, internal organs, and spine, in order to allow blood and qi (energy) to flow, is essential to keep your body healthy and pain-free.
  • Walking after every meal, at least 100 steps, as well as going on longer walks after lunch and dinner, provides essential and dramatic health benefits.

What’s familiar?

The good news is that you can use many comfortable and familiar forms of exercise to move more often. 

  • Do you do yoga and know how to do downward facing dog? Take a break from the computer and move into the pose every once in a while. 
  • Do you enjoy walking? Instead of planning one long walk, take a break a few times each day to walk outside. 
  • Do you have fun doing jumping jacks? Get jumping during a commercial when watching TV.

What’s new?

It’s great for our brains and spirit to learn new things. While it can sometimes be scary, it’s also exciting. When the new information boosts our health and longevity, the excitement increases. During the Inside and Out 30-Day Movement Challenge, you will learn to think about and move your mind and body in lots of different ways, including:

  • Gua sha massage
  • Qigong
  • Meditation

As you move inside and out more often during the day, you will probably lose weight and see changes in your body shape—the Western measures of a successful exercise program. 

I look forward to being your guide on this movement journey! 

Ready to join the movement challenge? 

Buy your Inside & Out Movement: 30-Day Challenge Wellness Journal Now

Learn how to move for abundant health

Simple movements have the power to radically change your physical and emotional health. Let us show you how!

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Inside & Out Movement 30-Day Challenge

Learn how a radical yet simple way to exercise can change your life!

We respect your privacy.