Juli Kramer, Ph.D.

Juli Kramer, PhD founded Radiant Shenti, LLC to help you create a lifestyle of harmony, balance, beauty, and wellness using Chinese medicine.

I came to Chinese medicine on a very different path from my colleagues. Most of my professional career has been in education, working with children and teens in both school and overnight camp environments. If you asked me ten years ago if I would be teaching people about Chinese medicine in order to save lives, I don't think I could have imagined it!

So why the change? Because Chinese medicine saved my life. I was experiencing horrible peri-menopausal symptoms and my doctor's solution was to microwave my uterus! I freaked out. My body was suffering and trying to let me know that something was seriously wrong, and all the doctor cared about was stopping the symptoms.

And now I want to help YOU overcome your health problems. To help your family be healthy. To make sure you can live the longest, most healthy, happiest life possible! That's what I wake up everyday excited to do! Your wellness matters to me, and I'm here to help!

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