For over 3000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has believed in the value of individualized treatments. Elemental Wisdom, through our partnership with James Saper, R. TCM. P., now takes this same wisdom on-line.

By taking a few minutes to fill in the on-line questionnaire linked below, you can have your current state of health assessed according to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. The questionnaire will ask you about key symptoms that you may experience and then will identify for you corresponding TCM Patterns. These Patterns are the basis for TCM diagnosis and treatment.

The results from this assessment will provide you with dietary and self-care recommendations to help you maintain optimum health.

Your answers are coded to maintain confidentiality and are never shared. There is no charge for the assessment.

Please note: This assessment is for educational purposes. An accurate Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis requires a more complete assessment done by a qualified practitioner, ideally done in person.

We are grateful to James Saper for allowing us to use his amazing assessment! Please click the link below to transfer to the assessment:


NOTE: Women who have gone through menopause or no longer have their periods, please answer questions for your current status, not when you were having your menstrual cycle.

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