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Yin and yang symbol Chinese medicine TCM

Yin and yang reflect the idea of humans living in harmony with nature and the universe. It is a holistic and powerfully healing concept.

Discovering TCM

TCM, or Chinese medicine, found me in a very different way from my colleagues. Most of my professional career has been in education, working with children and teens in both school and overnight camp environments. If you asked me 15 years ago if I would be teaching about TCM in order to save people's lives, I don't think I could have imagined it. 

So why the change? Because Chinese medicine saved my life. I was experiencing horrible physical symptoms during my early 40's. My doctor's solution was to microwave a part of body. I asked, "Aren't my symptoms telling me something?" She said it didn't matter, that the microwave treatment would eliminate the symptoms. Her reaction made no sense to me. My body was suffering and trying to let me know that something was seriously wrong, and all the doctor cared about was stopping the symptoms.

Finding the best way to heal my body

I immediately began researching my problem and looking for alternative healthcare methods that would get at the root of the problem. That is how I found TCM. As a qualitative researcher, the more than 3,000 years of written, peer reviewed case studies and best practices made sense to me. Instead of isolating and controlling conditions in a lab, the qualitative research conducted by TCM practitioners was holistic and set in the real world. Doctors observed and treated people as they lived their lives. Everything a person experienced mattered. Emotions, weather, diet, relationships, prenatal conditions, body constitution, etc. all told the doctor the story of patients' lives and how to improve their health.

This mindset of looking at humans as living, breathing beings resonated with me. My respect deepened as I learned more about the view that people are a microcosm of the larger universe and the natural world. I have always had a deep connection with nature. I have vivid memories, starting when I was very young, of connecting with nature, animals, and other people in an energetic way.

Additionally, I had always noticed the effect seasons and food had on my body. Chinese medicine ideas did not strike me as a foreign concept. In fact, this perspective made more sense to me than looking at my body as separate from nature. More importantly, the emphasis on getting to the root of a problem to heal the body, versus masking and covering symptoms, affirmed my feelings.

Inspired, I found a TCM doctor, Dr. Zhizhong Nan, who cured my symptoms in just five days of acupuncture treatment. He taught me a great deal about Chinese medicine and supported me as I began my studies. Dr. Dayong Hou worked closely with Dr. Nan, and both now serve on Radiant Shenti's Advisory Team and are dear friends.

Juli Kramer PhD while living in Shanghai China

Juli when she lived in Shanghai, China

TCM in action daily in China

Living in Shanghai for two years further convinced me that people were suffering and dying needlessly in the West. Every day I was in awe about how much people knew about their bodies. They knew what to eat for myriad conditions, what to wear during different seasons, when to eat specific foods, how to exercise, and more. People actively pursued health.

Instead of talking about which medications they would be on for the rest of their lives, or lamenting numerous health problems, they went to the park to dance, practice tai ji and qigong, and socialize with friends. Walking just three blocks in any direction from my apartment, there were five small shops selling fruit and another three shops selling more vegetables than I ever imagined. My mind exploded with possibilities. I realized and really felt to the core of my being that people do not have to suffer. They can live happy, healthy, and long lives.

Expanding my studies

Also while in Shanghai, I had the great fortune to meet Dr. Zhang Yifang, author of five books on using Chinese medicine for better physical and psychological health. Dr. Zhang became my healthcare provider and mentor, and I continue to study with her. She taught me even more about the holistic approach of TCM and the use of food to heal the body.

In addition to learning with Dr. Zhang, I began formal studies of TCM while living in Shanghai and continued my work upon my return to the United States. I have since earned my diploma in Chinese Medicine Nutritional Therapy. I have also received certificates in TCM from Dr. Zhang, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Furthermore, since 2019, I have shared the healing power of Chinese medicine through Radiant Shenti Membership classes, TCM courses, articles, videos, and products. I will continue to share my knowledge, and that of my amazing partners, to help you overcome your health problems. To help your family be healthy. To make sure you can live the longest, most healthy, happiest life possible, That's what I wake up everyday excited to do. Your health, happiness, and longevity matter to me, and I'm here to help you feel great.

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