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Inside & Out Movement Monthly Membership

Inside & Out Movement for everyone!

Move more often, inside & out, with twice weekly live classes, videos, illustrated printables, and lessons on how to stay fit the Chinese way.

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Resources include:

Live Lessons

Live streamed movement classes twice each week for 1 hour. Ask questions live before and after class. Each lesson is recorded and available to members for replay. There's nothing like a live class! Follow along and then join in the class discussion, ask questions, watch, do, and learn. Can't make it to the live class? No problem. Each class is recorded and added to your on-demand library for you to watch as many times as you like.


Join a thriving community of like-minded people who want to move more inside & out for greater health and happiness. Ask questions about any of the live classes, video lessons, illustrated principles, etc. and get support and answers.

Video Lessons

A collection of comprehensive lessons designed with the learner in mind. Classes are broken down into "easy to follow" sections for the different forms of exercise you will do in class. We explain and demonstrate everything with no assumptions. So even if you've had no prior experience, you can be successful. Learn a wide range of qigong, yoga, meditation, dance, and daily movement exercises that increase your vitality and energy.

Illustrated Printables

Reinforce what you do in class with step by step instructions. We all learn differently. Not all of us learn most efficiently from a video. Some of us prefer to learn from a printed document, so why not include both? Each class features a step by step breakdown of different movement flows that you can reference while watching class videos and print out to do the exercises on your own.


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