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Summer Weight Loss Challenge

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About this course

Radiant Shenti's Summer Weight Loss Challenge is a fantastic opportunity to get yourself into great shape for the summer and beyond.

The challenge is designed to help you reach your optimum weight in a natural, healthy way and at the same time nourish your mind, body and spirit!

  • Do you often feel exhausted even after a full night’s sleep?
  • Are you regularly bloated or distended despite being ‘careful’ with your diet and doing all the ‘right’ things?
  • Do you frequently feel anxious or depressed or have constant aches, pains and stiffness?
  • Perhaps you struggle to maintain a healthy body weight or are simply sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
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Here’s what’s included:

  • Live daily classes to help you master the Five Tibetan Rites – You will build up your strength and stamina to complete 21 repetitions of all 5 exercises
  • 2 live weekly chats to learn more about how to safely lose weight, clear negative emotions, and boost your health
  • Recordings of all classes and ‘live’ chats
  • The added option of joining a support group to keep you on track
  • A FREE wellness bullet-journal



  • Dates: Tuesday June 15th to Sunday July 11th
  • Daily live class: 7:30 AM Mountain Time
  • Weekly live chats: Sunday 8:00 AM and Thursday 5:30 PM Mountain Time
  • Support groups times: TBD by group
  • Price: just $89

Join Radiant Shenti’s 25-Day Summer Weight Loss Challenge to look good and feel great this summer!

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Did you know that during the summer period, ideally, your body needs to mildly perspire for at least 20 minutes a day for 20 days? If you don’t, not only will you find it difficult to lose excess weight, but you’ll also weaken your immune system!

The trouble is, especially if you live in a hot and humid climate, you may find yourself sitting inside an air-conditioned environment a great deal of the time.

Even in milder climates, you may well need to spend a lot of time in climate-controlled surroundings.

This habit is an open invitation to gain or maintain unhealthy weight.

During Radiant Shenti’s 25-Day Summer Weight Loss Challenge, you will learn more about this, as well as how and why to lose physical and emotional weight during the summer months.

It’s the perfect challenge for not only achieving your optimum weight but for building up your stamina and boosting your natural immunity.

Don't delay! The challenge starts June 15th!

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Course Structure

3 Lessons


Welcome to Radiant Shenti's Summer Weight Loss Challenge. This module will help you learn how to get the most out of the course website, wellness journal, support groups, and live sessions.

It's the first step in your summer transformation!

Course Overview and Important Dates

Welcome! Radiant Shenti's Summer Weight Loss Challenge is a fantastic opportunity to get yourself into great shape for the summer and beyond.

The challenge is designed to help you reach your optimum weight in a natural, healthy way and at the same time nourish your mind, body and spirit!

Make sure to complete the introduction lessons to get the most out of your commitment.

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How to use your wellness journal

This quick video lesson will help you familiarize yourself with your wellness journal. In addition to this overview, you will receive daily reminder and suggestions for how to best use your daily journal.

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Website Tour

Get comfortable navigating the course website with this lesson.
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4 Lessons

Lifestyle Recommendations for Summer Living

Enjoy the creative, yang energy of the summer by following TCM lifestyle recommendations.

A Season for Growing

In this lesson you will learn about how TCM views the summer season, and what that means for your health, diet, and lifestyle choices.

Recommendations for Daily Living

Greeting the morning sun, exercising when it's cool, and inhaling fresh air are some of the recommendation for daily living in the summer.

Summer Exerise Recommendations

How and when should you exercise during the summer? What happens if you work out too hard or too little? Set yourself up for a healthy fall and winter with these guidelines.

Late Summer

This short but powerful season is the time of the spleen and needs just as much attention and care as the rest of the summer.
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7 Lessons

The Five Tibetan Rites

Learn about the benefits of the Five Tibetan Rites, how to do each properly, and why they are a perfect summer exercise regimne.
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1 Lesson

Qigong Exercises

In addition to the 5 Tibetan Rites, doing these calming and centering qigong exercises will balance your body for a healthier weight and balanced emotions.

Summer Qigong Exercises to Balance the Heart

James Saper takes you through a beautiful heart opening qigong sequence. Perfect to balance and open your heart energy.
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6 Lessons

What to Eat this Summer and Why

In this module, you learn about Chinese dietary therapy history as well as how to apply the principles to maintain a healthy weight. The information will empower you to make the dietary and lifestyle choices essential for less stress, more energy, and better health.

History of Chinese Dietary Therapy

Healthy eating and longevity no longer need to be guesswork. In this lesson you will learn about the rich history that serves as the foundation for the diet and lifestyle recommendations taught during the challenge.

Principles of Digestion

In this lesson you will look at your digestion from a new perspective. It's a different route to get to your destination of a healthy weight, more energy, and a longer life.

Implications of the Principles of Digestion

Now that you know how your digestion works, learn how to cook and eat according to these TCM principles.

Dampness and Phlegm

Dampness and phlegm contribute to excess or deficient weight, qi, and vital energy. Learn more about their effects.

Summer Dietary Recommendations

Learn about specific foods to eat for each part of the summer. Eat right to get to a healthy weight. You will also boost your immunity now to stay well in the fall and winter.

Cooling Summer Herbal and Food-based Remedies

Learn how to prepare cooling summer teas and broths
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5 Lessons

Live 5 Tibetan Rites Classes

Each day you will be able to follow along with the 5 Tibetan Rites. Over the 25 days of the challenge, you will build up your stamina and strength in a gradual, and safe manner.

Day 1 Five Tibetan Rites

Today you start with 3 repetitions of each of the 5 Tibetan Rites

Day 2 Five Tibetan Rites

Way to go! Two days in a row. Keep up the good work.
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1 Lesson

Class Discussions

Did you miss the live class? No worries! You can catch up on answers to student questions and community time here.

June 17th Cooking Class Discussion

Students ask about different ingredients, seasoning for bitter melon, and more.