How to Make Baby Congee Rice Soup

Babies and small children have very sensitive digestive systems, as we wrote in our post Why Babies & Children Get Sick. They need to eat warm food that nourishes but does not strain their bodies. Congee, or rice soup, is the go to food in China for babies and small children! Keep reading for a step-by-step guide with photos on how to make this super food for your little ones! It’s super simple and great for adults too!

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Toddler feeding self with spoon

Solid Food for Your Infant or Toddler

According to Chinese medicine, before digestion can take place in the stomach, EVERYTHING must be warm and soft like a soup – ideally 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Adults can warm cold and raw foods by chewing and producing more digestive fluids. Infants and toddlers don’t have the same ability. Therefore, once your start introducing foods around 6 month of age, food should be cooked to body temperature or just a little above or below.

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Growth, Longevity, & Change

Water regulates fear and motivation at each stage of development. Balancing Water is essential for us to grow into healthy people at each stage of our lives.

In our first article on the Water Element, we talk about how water is the source of procrastination, as well as creativity. It’s a philosophical well-spring deeply connected to our life force, or Jing. Water is also associated with Fear. This sense of fear is essential for life, motivating us and giving us an appropriate sense of caution when we are afraid at the right level. If we have too much fear, we may feel debilitated and cannot take any action; too little fear and we risk our lives, as well as the happiness of ourselves and those around us.

At each developmental stage, Water affects our bodies and emotions in different ways because the tasks and physical growth during each stage of life vary. Fear and motivation are critical aspects of each stage of development, so Water plays a significant role who how we interact with and take in the world.

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