Tiger Eye Stone BenefitsTiger Eye Stone Benefits

Tiger Eye Stone Benefits

 April 27, 2022

By  Juli Kramer

Tiger eye stone benefits help you clearly see solutions to problems that you need to solve. Additionally, tiger eye also symbolizes relationship growth.

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Tiger Eye Stone Benefits

Tiger eye has a high iron content. This trait makes it perfect for heat therapy. It absorbs heat quickly and retains heat for a long time. When you massage with your tiger eye gua sha stone, you will notice that the stone feels warm after a short time and stays warm.

Functions and Uses

Tiger eye helps you transform and clear phlegm in your body. Whether you have a phlegm damp constitution, or have specific phlegm symptoms, tiger eye helps clear what thick and stuck.

Furthermore, tiger eye stone benefits include:

  • Easing bronchitis and asthma
  • Clearing depression and sadness
  • Overcoming excessive worry and overthinking
  • Clearing achiness and heaviness in the body
  • Strengthen your blood to relieve lethargy, fatigue, pain, and inflammation
Tiger eye stone benefits

Tiger Eye Stone Benefits for Spiritual Opening

When used during the early stages of meditation, tiger eye promotes focus. As a matter of fact, it does so by clearing the clear thoughts from the never ending thoughts that buzz around your mind.

Correspondingly, this sense of clarity goes beyond meditation. For example, tiger eye helps you see to the heart of an issue you're trying to resolve. 

To illustrate, when layers of emotion or multiple possibilities confuse you, tiger eye can help. You can work through these buried layers to find greater clarity.

As a result of this clarity, you feel more confident, more adequate. If you tend to struggle with feelings of inadequacy, tiger eye stone benefits can help.

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Using Tiger Eye

Cautions and Contraindications

There are no known cautions or contraindications for tiger eye.

Cleansing and Charging Tiger Eye

Cleanse and discharge once a week under running water. Recharge in strong sunlight for 3-5 hours.

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Methods of Application

One way to start is to place tiger eye on red and swollen eyes and on the  cheekbones to clear sinus congestion.

Eyes and Cheeks

Tiger Eye Stone Benefits to Clear Emotional Baggage

Furthermore, massage your cuticles on the toes to release emotional baggage from the blood.

Massaging on Jing-Well points, especially on the big toe prove most effective. Significantly these points also strengthen your digestion.

Tiger eye stone benefits

Tiger Eye Stone Benefits for Pain

Besides the above benefits, you can massage any areas that cause you pain. This use especially helps when you feel pain because of cold, damp, and windy weather.

Specifically, you can massage your temples with tiger eye to clear a headache.

Additional Uses

Finally, you can enjoy two additional benefits of tiger eye. Surprisingly, you can carry tiger eye and hold it in your hand for asthma. Secondly, you can wear a bracelet of tiger eye stones cut into squares to break up stagnation and promote healthy digestion.

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Juli Kramer

Dr. Juli Kramer is a certified qigong instructor. She also holds a diploma in Chinese Medicine Nutritional Therapy and multiple certificates in Chinese medicine. As a qigong and meditation teacher, Dr. Kramer understands the important role movement and meditation have on developing a healthy body and mind. Juli also has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Counseling Psychology.

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