Chinese Face Reading with Dr. Juli Kramer

A Little Known Way to Make Personal Growth Easy...

Many people are unaware that our faces have a code which reveals our character and emotional tendencies. A Traditional Chinese Medicine Face Reading will help you get to know yourself on a deeper level like never before in less than an hour!

Tap Into Your Mind

Build Emotional Connection

Tune Into Your Intuition

Unveil Your True Self

Through centuries of observation, reading, and application, Traditional Chinese 
face reading provides accurate insights into your mental, emotional, and intuitive true nature.

Why have A Face Reading?

Do you know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut? You keep thinking the same thing over and over?  Maybe you even keep repeating the same destructive patterns?

Well, after your face reading you will:

Understand your habits clearly

Face readings reveal your innate balance between your mind, emotions and intuition so you will finally uncover why you stick to certain habits.

Gain insight into your behavior

You'll learn how people in your past continue to influence you today, as well as how you caninfluence others.

Discover how to balance yourself & stop destructive habits

Throughout your face reading we will uncover insights about your true nature and suggest ways to find more balance in life to continue on an upward path. 

A 1:1 Personalized Session

Prior to your face reading you will send me four photos of your face from different angles. I will take the time to analyze your photos using the Lillian Bridges method of face reading and put together a personalized report. We will then find a time to sit down together for a video chat over Zoom to go through your face reading findings, make sure it all holds true, and help you find more clarity in your past, present and future.

Hi, I'm Juli Kramer

I discovered the magic of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in my 40's after struggling with my physical health and getting no help from Western Doctors. Since then I have passionately set out on a path to learn how to heal my mind, body and spirit through TCM nutrition, qigong, and of coarse Face Readings. Now, I’m here to help you feel happier, look better and live longer by sharing with you all the wonderful health benefits of these ancient healing modalities.

Founder of Radiant Shenti

Your Face Reading Process


Personalized Review
  • After you book your face reading I'll send you an email with instructions on how to take the photos and which angles I need for your reading.
  • We will then book a time for your 1:1 Zoom session.


  • Face reading is based on your facial features shapes and measurements.
  • After receiving your photos I'll measure each element on your face.
  • As I take your measurements I'll compose an in-depth report of the findings.


1:1 Meeting
  • In your 1:1 Zoom meeting we will go over your report in detail and I'll explain what each element means.
  • In this session you'll discover what your face reveals about your true self.
  • You'll also learn how to find more balance in areas you may find challenging and what you should do to find more joy and ease in life.

Client Experience

Secure Your SPot!

Let Your Face Teach You How to Step Into Your Power!

Client Reviews

Fun and Empowering!

My Chinese face reading consultation with Juli was amazing, fun and empowering! Juli is gentle, empathic and very compassionate as she navigates around the face and shares her insights about your true nature.


You will feel more comfortable with yourself!

Juli weaves a story explaining your character and life’s challenges based on the features of your face. Afterwards, you will feel more comfortable with yourself and gain wisdom as to how you can make simple changes to experience greater peace and happiness. A total joy!!


February 2023 Episode Cover - Face-reading as Part of the Clinical Conversation, Juli Kramer
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The Mysteries of Your True Self are Written On Your Face

Frequently asked questions

Is this method of face reading reliable?

Through centuries of observation, reading, and application, this method of face reading provides accurate insights. Our clients cannot believe how much we "know" them from just analyzing different facial characteristics.

How will I use the information?

You know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut. You think the same thing over and over. You even repeat destructive patterns. After your face reading, you will understand these patterns and jump-start new ways to think about yourself.

What will I learn?

You will discover the social and emotional details revealed by your face. For example, you will learn how people in your past continue to influence you today, as well as how you can influence others.

While the Lillian Bridges method does address physical health, this topic is better assessed by a Chinese medicine health practitioner.

Will I have fun?

That's the best part of a face reading. It's totally fun. You will keep feeling blown away by the sense of, "How does she know that?" And Chinese Medicine is beautiful in that nothing is good or bad, it just is what it is so we meet you where you are and grow from there.

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