The seasons mean more than just bulletin board decorations!

Discover the natural way to celebrate good health year-round.

Living in Harmony with the Seasons

Radiant Shenti's Living in Harmony with the Seasons course bundle makes it easy to start your healing and stay healthy all year.

You know you need to improve your health and keep beating yourself up for not changing.

  • You feel guilty that you just want to sleep more and exercise less in the winter.
  • You wish you knew how to safely do a body cleanse without starving yourself.
  • You know your stubborn belly fat is more than just unsightly, it's a warning sign for poor health.
  • You can't overcome the loss of a loved one or let go of a past sorrow.

These problems come from not knowing how to live in alignment with the seasons. For example, if you try to lose weight in the winter, it most likely won't work, and definitely won't be healthy for you.

It's not your fault.

Living in Harmony with the Seasons

The seasons only meant a change of classroom decorations.

You weren't taught that each season has special tasks for your physical and emotional health. You only knew that the teacher would change decorations on the bulletin board each time the seasons changed.

Living in Harmony with the Seasons Bundle

Now you're an adult. You deserve better.

Radiant Shenti's Living in Harmony with the Seasons Course Bundle makes it easy to stay healthy during each season.

Your body mirrors the cycles and rhythms of nature. Living in harmony with the seasons helps your body transition from one season to the next. That means you can prevent disease, fatigue, and the guilty feeling that you're not caring for yourself.

Discover ancient secrets that help your body and energy transition from one season to the next. This Living in Harmony with the Seasons bundle makes it easy for you to follow the cycles and rhythms of nature.

You will feel vibrant and youthful.

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Living in harmony with winter

What you will learn in Winter

  • Why winter is the ideal season to rest and snuggle in a warm blanket
  • Four essential qigong moves for winter
  • The Deer qigong sequence to help you find your sense of peace
  • Daily morning and evening movements to keep you pain free and youthful
  • Eye exercises to boost immunity
  • How to use moxibustion to warm the body and nourish yin energy
  • Acupressure massage points to strengthen your kidneys (your fountain of youth)
  • Winter warming and nourishing recipes
Living in harmony with spring

What you will learn in Spring

  • Why spring is the perfect season to detox and cleanse your body
  • Coiling qigong exercises to enhance your creativity and potential
  • The Tiger qigong sequence to help you find your power
  • Eye exercises and massage techniques to clear toxins and improve your vision
  • Yoga flows that help you release toxins and clear heat
  • Daily morning and evening hair combing routines for thick, lustrous hair
  • Spring detox and cleansing recipes
Living in harmony with summer

What you will learn in Summer

  • Why summer is the best season to lose weight
  • How to open yourself to loving relationships
  • Mind blowing ways to think about eating and digestion
  • The Five Tibetan rites to balance your chakras (energy centers)
  • Qigong flows to keep you cool in the summer
  • How to let go of heated and negative emotions
  • Cooling summer and herbal food-based recipes
Living in harmony with fall

What you will learn in Fall

  • Why fall is the time of year to let go of physical and emotional baggage
  • That "less is best" for the fall
  • Three qigong crane postures to boost lung health and immunity
  • Five qigong postures to help you breathe deeply and clear toxins
  • How to harmonize your emotions Clear sorrow and sadness
  • Lung and large intestine strengthening recipes

What Our Students Are Saying:

I previously had cracked heals and very dry feet. This has improved considerably. Also, I used to struggle to sleep on my left-hand side - since doing the class this has disappeared. I feel like I am definitely on the right track to improve my health and wellbeing. 

E.G. - Living in Harmony with Summer Student

Thank you Juli for sharing your TCM knowledge through life's changes, giving us support, compassion and encouragement to grow.

E.L. - Living in Harmony with Winter Student

What's included with your

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Living in Harmony with the Seasons Bundle

  • You have read the research that says your longevity increases if you live in harmony with the seasons.

    Unlike other programs that only teach you how to eat for each season, or perhaps how to exercise, you will learn it all with Radiant Shenti.

    Our holistic approach ensures that you have nourishing recipes, ideal qigong and yoga flows, healing acupressure massage sequences, stress reducing contemplations and meditations, and more.

    The bundle price is $257, regularly priced $316 when purchased separately.

Why Buy the Bundle Now?

Your health goals are waiting! 

Lose weight, look younger, fight your afternoon Snickers craving.

Whatever you want to accomplish, waiting delays your success and, let's face it, feeds your guilt. (Which is never fun.)

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing bundle, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.



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