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  • Twice weekly LIVE online classes. Valued at over $80.
  • FULL ACCESS to a digital library of qigong, yoga, facial gua sha, meditation, cooking, and other wellness videos. Over $1000 Value (and counting).
  • Access to all of the Living in Harmony with the Seasons courses. Valued at more than $300. 
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Uncover Little Known Ways to Transform Your Health...

If you're a curious person, who loves new ideas, but gets easily distracted by the latest health fads ... (Don't worry. I'm not going to call you out for those dusty Thigh Masters or Atkins Diet books. We've all been there.)

...then keep scrolling 'cause you're gonna want to check this out, especially if you're into natural health.

Stop feeling like you're a million years old when you try to get out of bed

You'll Experience new Time-Tested Health Practices

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  • A new way to think about health and well-being
  • How to "read" your body for better health
  • How to prevent and stop pain


  • More energy and emotional stability
  • Better core strength and improved circulation
  • Muscular development and strong immunity


  • Valued and care about
  • Grounded and balanced emotionally
  • Greater intuition


Strength in dealing with challenges

I have improved awareness of where I am, and improved flexibility, adaptability, strength in dealing with challenges.

Robert - manager

The standard of teaching is really high

I like to be able to dip in when I choose. The standard of teaching is really high, and I love to learn new things.

Eleanor - writer

I feel better

When I consistently practice, whether it's Qigong or Facial Gua Sha or Acupressure Massage, I feel better. I love that the classes are recorded and videos I can use when it works with my time.

Yvonne - healer

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