Dr. Zhizhong Nan

Dr. Zhizhong Nan works with Radiant Shenti to teach people how Chinese medicine can help them create a lifestyle of harmony, balance, beauty, and wellness using Chinese medicine

My true love is Physics. If I had followed a traditional path, I would have study Physics at university. However, in my teens, I had a severe case of cirrhosis. I woke up every morning shedding skin. I went to a local Western medicine hospital, where the doctors put me an IV for one month. Nothing changed!

I had an uncle growing up who was as close to me as a father. He was a Chinese Medicine doctor and asked me to come live with him to cure my cirrhosis. I was finally able to go live with him when I was 20 years old. He completely cured me with acupuncture and herbs! HE CURED ME!

My life changed. Motivated and inspired by this experience, I attended the same university he did for Chinese Medicine.

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