Our Teachers


A thoughtful and supportive teacher, Addison uses her skills as a trained yoga teacher to design healing flows that include modifications for all levels of learners...

Juli Kramer

A caring and approachable teacher, Juli is always ready to answer your questions. She honors where you are at on your fitness and health journey and brings a growth...


As an experienced Chinese Medicine practitioner and instructor of Chinese movement therapies, James is keen to share the wisdom Chinese traditions have to offer in...

Marielle Smith

Marielle is passionate about serving anyone that is consciously choosing to engage on their healing journey. And she loves doing it with some fun light moments along the way. Marielle joins Radiant Shenti to...


Sarita Mahinay is a certified level 1 & 2 Reiki Practitioner and has her BFA in Ceramics and Creative Writing from the Kansas City Art Institute. Her practice includes handmade ceramic manifestation candles...

John C. Platt

John C. Platt has been learning and teaching various martial and energy arts since 1966. In 1991 he began his study of Tai Chi Chuan under various teachers, including Shifu Jiang Jian-Ye, and soon...

Mary Platt

Mary Platt has been practicing meditation and yoga since 1971. She is a nationally certified yoga instructor (E-RYT-500), certified Yoga Therapist (PYT 500) in Integrative Yoga Therapy, and a nationally certified


Jessie Kim is a 3rd generation professional Feng Shui expert. She helps others create harmony and balance through simple changes in their home or office in order to attract wealth and love, among other improvements. 

Nini Trobaugh

Nini has been studying and practicing Yoga for the last 20 years. She has been fortunate to study under the guidance of renowned International Yoga Masters and Gurus in India, Thailand, Hong Kong and Colorado. 


Olga has always been curious about different styles of Yoga. Her Yoga journey in depth started on the Christmas Eve 2017 in Varkala in southern India.  Since then, she has been practicing yoga every single day and it has become

Nick Loffree

Nick Loffree discovered Qigong through his efforts to heal from Psychosis as a young adult. His healing journey eventually led him to Santa Cruz California, where he synchronistically became the intern of world famous Qigong Master

Bhuvana Krishnan

Bhuvana Krishnan has been a student of the healing arts for more than a decade. She started learning Qigong in 2018 and shortly after became a part of the Radiant Shenti community studying Qigong and TCM with Juli Kramer.

Silvia Mioc

After working as a research Physicist for 10 years, Silvia enrolled in an MBA program and shifted her focus to developing strategic business relationships between the corporate world and academia, and creating entrepreneurial


Robin has been a pediatric health expert and licensed acupuncturist for over 20 years. More recently, she co-founded Thrive Ear Seeds Education and teaches auriculotherapy and ear seeding for adults and children.