Silvia Mioc

Silvia Mioc, PhD, MBA

After working as a research Physicist for 10 years, Silvia enrolled in an MBA program and shifted her focus to developing strategic business relationships between the corporate world and academia, and creating entrepreneurial programs for students.

She loved her job, worked too much, burned out, quit, and embarked on a healing journey. This led her from Yoga and Ayurveda to Chinese Medicine and Qigong, and ultimately, to Chinese Metaphysics, a system that includes the last two disciplines.

Now Silvia provides strategic planning assistance for people who are interested in a holistic approach to life and have personal or business goals. She uses concrete tools that this ancient art offers, something that resonates with her scientific mind, to help them reach success and fulfillment. Her protocol is based on the interaction between people’s internal energies and the ones surrounding all of us, and includes forecasting challenges and opportunities, and advising optimal times for actions. She uses the disciplines of Chinese Astrology, Qimen Dun Jia, Date Selection, Feng Shui, and others. In parallel, Silvia helps people improve their health, resilience and vitality – prerequisites to attaining goals – through group and personalized Qigong practices.