Bhuvana Krishnan

Bhuvana Krishnan

Bhuvana Krishnan has been a student of the healing arts for more than a decade. She started learning Qigong in 2018 and shortly after became a part of the Radiant Shenti community studying Qigong and TCM with Juli Kramer. As she started experiencing first hand the many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of Qigong, she decided to pursue in depth training to become a Qigong instructor and completed her Tier 1 certification in Sep 2023.

Bhuvana is also an Energy Medicine practitioner and uses her knowledge and gifts to help people live a heart-centred life in alignment with their soul's calling. She is very passionate about sharing the benefits of a daily meditation practice and is a Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM) instructor. Primordial Sound Meditation is a style of meditation rooted in the Vedic tradition of India.

Bhuvana is also an Electrical engineer with an MBA in Finance. She lives in Atlanta, GA