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Frequently asked questions

Is this method of face reading reliable?

Through centuries of observation, reading, and application, this method of face reading provides accurate insights. Our clients cannot believe how much we "know" them from just analyzing different facial characteristics.

How will I use the information?

You know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut. You think the same thing over and over. You even repeat destructive patterns. After your face reading, you will understand these patterns and jump-start new ways to think about yourself.

What will I learn?

You will discover the social and emotional details revealed by your face. For example, you will learn how people in your past continue to influence you today, as well as how you can influence others.

While the Lillian Bridges method does address physical health, this topic is better assessed by a Chinese medicine health practitioner.

Will I have fun?

That's the best part of a face reading. It's totally fun. You will keep feeling blown away by the sense of, "How does she know that?" And Chinese Medicine is beautiful in that nothing is good or bad, it just is what it is so we meet you where you are and grow from there.

Soundscapes of Health: A Transformative Healing Sounds Qigong Course

Unlock the transformative power of sound with our Healing Sounds Qigong course. Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and Qigong principles, this program is designed to guide participants through a holistic journey of self-discovery, healing, and rejuvenation.

Tap Into Your Mind

Build Emotional Connection

Tune Into Your Intuition

Course Highlights

Introduction to Qigong Healing Sounds and Five Element Theory:

  • Delve into the core principles of Qigong Healing Sounds, understanding the dynamic flow of Qi.
  • Explore the profound connection between Qigong Healing Sounds and the Five Element Theory, connecting movements and sounds to Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water elements.

Healing Sounds Practice and Elemental Resonance:

  • Experience the synthesis of Qigong Healing Sounds and the Five Element Theory, using specific sounds to resonate with and balance each elemental energy.
  • Dive into the unique qualities and movements associated with each element, fostering harmony within the body's natural rhythms.

Meditative Techniques and Elemental Mindfulness:

  • Utilize meditation and mindfulness practices aligned with the Five Element Theory to cultivate a balanced and centered state.
  • Explore the meditative aspects of each element, tapping into their unique qualities for mental and emotional well-being.

Qi Activation and Elemental Circulation:

  • Engage in Qigong healing sounds exercises designed to activate and circulate Qi through the meridians associated with the Five Elements.
  • Discover how aligning with the natural energies of the elements contributes to overall vitality and health.

Self-Healing Practices and Elemental Integration:

  • Develop a personalized daily routine incorporating Healing Sounds, Qigong movements, and the Five Element Theory.
  • Uncover the transformative potential of aligning your energy with the dynamic interplay of the Five Elements.



  • Stress reduction techniques
  • How to improve Qi vitality
  • Integrate into your daily self care


  • Emotional harmony
  • A deepened mind-body connection
  • Increased mindfulness


  • Empowered in your life
  • Grounded and balanced emotionally

What you can expect

You can anticipate an enhanced flow of vital energy throughout your body, fostering a profound sense of vitality and overall well-being.

  • Learn stress relief techniques through Healing Sounds, gentle movements, and mindfulness practices. 
  • Cultivate emotional balance by aligning with the Five Element Theory, fostering resilience and better responses to life's challenges.
  • Expect physical health improvements, including enhanced flexibility, a stronger immune system, and relief from common ailments.
  • Strengthen the connection between your mind and body, nurturing heightened awareness of the interplay between thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.


Here's a small selection of feedback from the more than 2,000 students 
who have completed the course.

Feel the Difference

This is an amazing course I enjoyed very much. The difference is amazing from day 1 on and I learned a lot new things about emotions and how it affects our body. Thank you, Juli, for sharing in a generous way your wisdom ? Highly recommended!

valerie - barcelona

Balance Emotions

I recently heard about this from a friend. When I saw the course offering I was very interested in exploring this! I feel thrilled to have had completed this new experience with sound to help balance emotions and energy within my body. Powerful and another important modality for self-care and healing! Thank you so much for creating this short course. ?

Nicole - california

Gain Understanding

Juli explains the sounds and the meaning behind them clearly and concisely, and is very responsive to questions you have. I especially enjoyed the longer meditations on days 9 & 10 and will revisit them as part of my practice. A lovely course, Thanks Juli! ?

suzy - united kingdom

You’ll learn

You'll Experience

You'll Feel

You'll belong

Frequently asked questions

If an organ has been removed will the sounds still work for healing on the energetic level?

Yes, it will. The meridian system still flows through the body.

Is there somewhere we can see the sounds written down? 

You will see a PDF attached to the introductory lesson. It includes the colors as well.

But what if I've never done any qigong or energetic healing before?

No worries. You will be guided slowly and carefully through each of the sounds so you can master them and feel confident in your practice.

How often and the length of time we can practice the sounds.

You can do the qigong healing sounds sessions daily or as needed for specific emotional and physical healing.

Is there a living person I can contact to ask my questions? 

Absolutely. You can always contact Dr. Juli Kramer at She will reply with 24-48 hours.

Is there some type of money back guarantee?

If for any reason you don't like this amazing course, you can get a full refund anytime within 7 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with us, and we'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Qigong Healing Sounds for Inner Transformation

10 Lessons

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Five Agent/Element Theory serves as the foundation of healing from a Chinese medicine perspective. This lesson explores the Five Elements and how they relate to your body. You will also discover the roots of this practice in ancient Taoist teachings and how healing sounds are an easy-to-use tool to overcome harmful effects of modern life.

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The Lungs and Large Intestine are associated with the Metal Element. Emotionally, a balanced Metal Element enhances attributes of dignity, integrity, and high self-esteem. You will learn the healing sounds and colors for both the physical and emotional healing of the Lung System.

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The healing sounds and colors for the Kidneys help you overcome jealousy, suspicion, and long-standing grudges, as well as fear. Cognitively your memory and clarity of thought thrive when balanced with healing sounds. Plus, you will find your will power.

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The healing sounds and colors you will learn help the Liver function for the smooth flow of Qi as well. Emotionally, when the liver is in balance, you are filled with kindness, benevolence, compassion, and generosity. Your creativity will also thrive, as will decisiveness (a psychological feature of the gallbladder).

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The positive emotions of Fire include love, joy, and excitement. When balanced within you, it’s easier to feel inspired, full of life, and deeply connected to your loved ones. This healing sounds practice supports a healthy Heart System to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of a strong Fire Element.

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The healing sounds and colors you will learn in this lesson support digestion, flexible and firm muscles and veins, and efficient processing of nutrients essential for your health. Emotionally, you will experience tools to calm an overthinking and worry, severe anxiety, and confusion. They will also improve memory, cognition, and analytical thinking.

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The Triple Burner, or Triple Warmer, is the system that connects and coordinates the smooth movement of energy between all the organ systems. The healing sound and color exercises help to recharge the body's Qi metabolism, regulate Internal Qi, and balance the eight systems of the body.

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In this lesson you will enjoy a full flow of the Qigong Healing Sounds for the Body. The class begins with the Wu Zang meditation to allow the free circulation of Qi, making the Qi energy more accessible for healing. Then you will do a full flow of the vocalized healing sounds for your body.

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In this lesson you will enjoy a full flow of the Qigong Healing Colors for the Body. The class begins with the Wu Zang meditation to allow the free circulation of Qi, making the Qi energy more accessible for healing. Then you will do a full flow integrating healing colors for your body.

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In this lesson you will enjoy a full flow of the Qigong Healing Sounds for the Emotions. The class begins with the Releasing Emotional Blockages and Energetic Armoring meditation. Beginning with this meditation will promote the free circulation of Qi, making the Qi energy more accessible for healing. Then you will do a full flow of the whispered healing sounds for your emotions.

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About the teacher

Juli Kramer

Dr. Juli Kramer is a certified qigong instructor. She also holds a diploma in Chinese Medicine Nutritional Therapy and multiple certificates in Chinese medicine. As a qigong and meditation teacher, Dr. Kramer understands the important role movement and meditation have on developing a healthy body and mind. Juli also has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Counseling Psychology.