Chinese Beauty Secrets

What is Facial Gua Sha?

Module 1

Getting started

Gua sha is a treatment developed in China thousands of years ago and still used today to help you age beautifully. Regular use of gua sha techniques enlivens your skin from the inside out by calming the mind and stimulating meridian points in the body.

It's an affordable, super simple way to treat boost your overall health and give you that radiant glow. Continue to the lesson to learn about gua sha.

Module Structure

How facial gua sha works

The treatment of the skin known as facial gua sha involves "scraping" the skin with your fingers, hands, or a tool. You do not tear or bruise the skin, but you produce enough pressure to increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the area you "scrape."

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How to do facial gua sha

Learn more about the different ways to perform gua sha using your hands or special tools.

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Facial gua sha techniques

In this lesson, you will learn about the three primary gua sha techniques.