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Breathe Easy! Acupressure Massage for Lungs & Sinuses

 August 11, 2021

By  Juli Kramer

Breathe easy with practical and effective Chinese medicine acupressure massage.

Your lungs, sinuses, and overall respiratory system, which includes the large intestine in Chinese Medicine, are vulnerable year-round, but especially in the Fall.

During Autumn, drastic changes in temperature, dryer air, kids bringing home germs from school, or people coughing in the office often wreak havoc on your respiratory system.

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Staying healthy means that you can breathe easy. Learn more about  lifestyle changes and food choices that can keep you healthy in the Fall.

Breathe easy with acupressure massage

Acupressure massage can help you build a strong respiratory system. You are busy and don’t have time to stay home sick. Prevention is the goal!

If you do get a stuffy or runny nose, cough, bronchitis, sinus infection, etc., these points will help you get better faster.

Please note that this information is for reference only. Massaging acupoints is generally very safe, but if you are pregnant or have an acute heart condition, do not practice this routine. If you’re not sure whether it’s safe for you to practice acupressure massage, please check with your doctor first. 

Acupressure massage for the lungs

You can breathe easy using the detailed drawings below to help you locate essential acupressure points to strengthen your respiratory system. Massaging these acupressure points will give your body an extra boost to stay healthy.

How to massage

Massage the acupressure points in a clockwise, circular motion, unless otherwise noted. Complete 30 circles. Repeat the series for both right and left when massaging hands, arms, and sides of the nostril. Repeat 4 times a day.

A Quick Note on Lung Heat & the Triple Burner

When you read the Purposes for the acupressure points pictured below, sometimes you will see the term “Heat.”

“Heat” means that the Lungs cannot move energy the way they should.

Instead of processing air and moving oxygen through the body, the air rises up, making you cough, whether dry or with phlegm. Lots of other symptoms reflect Lung Heat, such as:

  • Acne
  • Feeling hot
  • Asthma
  • Breathlessness

Acupressure Massage Points to Breathe Easy

Large Intestine 4

Purpose: Open your sinuses

Breathe easy using Large Intestine 20

Purpose: Open your sinuses

Open your sinusesLarge Intestine 20

Lung 1

Purpose: Clears lung heat and phlegm

Clears lung heat and phlegmAcupressure massage point Lung 1abreathe easyLung 1b

Lung 5 to Breathe Easy

Purpose: Clears lung heat

breathe easyLung 5

Breathe easy massaging Lung 6

Purpose: Reduces coughing

Reduces coughingAcupoint Lung 6

Lung 7

Purpose: Reduces coughing

Reduces coughingLung 7aLung 7aAcupressure massage point Lung 7b

Triple Burner 17 acupressure massage point

Purpose: Opens the lungs & helps you breathe

breathe easyTriple Burner 17 (REN 17)

Triple Burner 22

Purpose: Reduces a cough; eases a sore throat; reduces dryness

breathe easyTriple Burner 22 (REN 22)

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Juli Kramer

Dr. Juli Kramer is a certified qigong instructor. She also holds a diploma in Chinese Medicine Nutritional Therapy and multiple certificates in Chinese medicine. As a qigong and meditation teacher, Dr. Kramer understands the important role movement and meditation have on developing a healthy body and mind. Juli also has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Counseling Psychology.

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