Chinese Beauty Secrets

Introduction to Chinese medicine concepts of unhealthy hair

Lesson 1 Module 1

According to Chinese medicine, it is said that the hair is the odds and ends of blood. In other words, your blood nourishes your hair.

Advice to parents from the 12th century tells them, "If a young many is gray-headed, has lost his hair, or has a lot of dandruff, there is excess heat in his blood." In the 16th century, Chinese medicine texts explains that plentiful blood flow makes the hair moist and lustrous, whereas insufficient blood supply withers it.

Too much heat in the blood causes the hair to become yellow or dingy, and further disruption of healthy blood causes whitening of the hair. As you age, maintaining healthy blood flow becomes more difficult, which is why eventually everyone will have whitening of the hair. You will learn more about this process throughout the course.

Since unhealthy hair has a close relationship with blood, you have the power to turn white hair darker, stop hair loss, and fix other problems with your hair, as recorded in Chinese medicine texts. Physical exercises, breath work, massage, and diet can all improve the condition of your blood and hair.

Weak hair also indicates an imbalance in the Kidney system. The Kidney strengthens the hair by transforming congenital essence into blood. Healthy, luxurious hair is not possible without a strong Kidney system. As you age, your Kidney essence declines and extra steps are necessary.

All of the exercises, massage techniques, and dietary recommendations are designed to balance your Kidney system, revitalizing your overall health and condition and color of your hair.

They will also harmonize your Liver which store blood and ensures Qi flows effectively throughout your body. Hair needs lots of blood and Qi to grow. A balanced Liver will also calm your emotions, another critical factor for healthy hair. Calming your mind allows for better sleep, which affects your hair as well.

You will learn more in subsequent lessons. Module 1 will get your started moving in ways that nurture and support shining, thick, and healthy hair.