Chinese Beauty Secrets

Why your hair is unhealthy

Module 1

Hair is an important indicator of blood quality. In this module, you will learn more about how to strengthen the blood and blood flow leading to lustrous and thick hair.

Module Structure

Introduction to Chinese medicine concepts of unhealthy hair

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Why and how to love your Kidneys to have healthy hair

Your Kidneys play a critical role in the condition of your hair. Nourishing your Kidneys boosts your water element, giving your luxuriant hair, as well a stronger drive to achieve your dreams. You can even download a PDF of recommended foods and dosages to nourish your Kidneys.

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Nurture your internal organs for healthy hair naturally

The condition of your hair most closely reflects the health of your Kidney system. All of the other yin or Zang organs play a part. Learn more about the role of the Liver, Lungs, Spleen, and Heart in keeping your hair thick and luxurious.