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Five Elements Theory

 October 19, 2019

By  Juli Kramer

Five elements theory developed over thousands of years through observation and trial and error. More like scientists in the field, Chinese doctors worked with people in their actual settings not in labs. They recorded their findings which had to stand up under the equivalent of peer-review to make sure recommendations worked over time. Numerous volumes compile this knowledge, with continued refinements over the centuries into present times.

Even before doctors developed Chinese medicine, the ancients in China watched the sky. They watched the universe and the movement of objects in space, and in particular five stars that they associated with the seasons and the different directions. And They related their observations of the sky to what was happening on Earth and They believed that people live in the universe and should follow the order of the universe.

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Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water

The ancient Chinese noticed five seasons: spring, summer, long summer, autumn, and winter, each associated with the position of the five stars they observed. When they saw each star in a different position in the sky, they knew it was a different season. They recorded Yin Yang and the 5-Elements from their observations of the five stars. Their charts eventually evolved into the Yin Yang symbol (or Tai Ji symbol) you know and then into 5 Elements Theory.

five elements theory

This star chart is thousands of years old and shows the development of Yin Yang and 5 Elements Theory


They associated the five stars with 5 Elements, as well as a season, direction, climate, and symbolic color:

  • Wood star = Spring = East = Wind = Green = Liver = Anger (excited Liver) or Depression (deficient Liver)
  • Fire star = Summer = South = Heat = Red = Heart = Happy (if too happy, overexcited) or Anxiety (deficient Heart)
  • Earth star = Long Summer = Middle = Damp = Yellow = Spleen = Worry and Over Thinking
  • Metal star = Autumn = West = Dry = White = Lung = Sadness
  • Water star = Winter = North = Cold = Black = Kidney = Anxiety and Fear

five elements theory

Understanding the natural order of things helps us see our bodies as connected to nature and can guide us in how to live a healthy life.


The month and year in which you were born affect your body constitution. If you were born under the Wood Star, you are more likely to struggle with emotional issues, including depression and anger because your Liver system is more likely to be affected. There are lifestyle strategies you should follow and foods you should eat in order to help you overcome these Wood Star constitution issues.

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5 Elements Summary Chart

Element Wood Fire Earth Metal Water
Direction East South Center West North
Season Spring Summer End of seasons Autumn Winter
Climate Windy Hot Damp Dry Cold
Color Green Red Yellow White Black
Organ System Liver Heart Spleen Lung Kidney
Emotion Anger Happiness
Over thinking
Sadness Anxiety
Shape Rectangle Angular Square Round Undulating

Five Elements Theory Basics

  • The ancients in China, based on observations of nature and the skies, developed the 5 Element Theory.
  • The 5 Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the root for understanding people’s interactions in the world and what makes them healthy.
  • Each element corresponds to a season, direction, climate, body part, emotion, shape, and color.
  • Although the elements seem separate, they are all connected and interact with each other.
  • Each person has a body constitution based on the element when they were born.
  • A person’s constitution should inform what they eat and drink, as well as what types of exercise they should do, and lifestyle choices they should make.

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Juli Kramer

Juli Kramer is a certified qigong instructor. She also holds a diploma in Chinese Medicine Nutritional Therapy and multiple certificates in Chinese medicine. As a qigong and meditation teacher, Dr. Kramer understands the important role movement and meditation have on developing a healthy body and mind. Juli also has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Counseling Psychology.

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