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Rose Quartz Gua Sha Healing Properties

 July 1, 2021

By  Juli Kramer

Rose quartz gua sha stones are a powerful tool for physical and emotional healing. If you can only choose one stone, rose quartz is the one, because of its numerous healing properties.

While the soft pink color looks soft and inviting, the stone is strong. These traits mirror the emotional energy rose quartz brings to your life.

For example, you want to open yourself to love. At the same time, you want to keep your heart secure. Rose quartz balances the two needs. Keep reading to learn about rose quartz and how you can add its healing properties to your life.

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Rose quartz gua sha stone background

Rose quartz is usually found as chunks of stone. Sometimes, you may find crystals, but then the proper name is pink quartz.

Geologists do not completely understand the source of the pink color, but generally they agree that it results from fibers of pink borosilicate not even visible under a microscope. They also speculate that it could be the result of titanium in the structure.

When polished into an orb (cabochon), a six-sided star often appears, much like star sapphire. When looked at from just the right angle, the star appears to hover over the stone. For many people, this adds a spiritual association to the stone.

Rose quartz healing properties

The main healing properties of rose quartz address the heart, liver and stomach. For example, rose quartz will energize the heart to ease your sorrow and improve circulation. 

rose quartz gua sha healing properties

Rose quartz has a soft pink color but is a strong stone.

Furthermore, if you have menstrual problems, rose quartz will strengthen the liver for healthy menses.

As a final example, rose quartz works with the liver and stomach to treat swollen and inflamed eyes and congested sinuses.

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Functions and uses of rose quartz gua sha

Chinese medicine emphasizes healing from the inside out. Regardless of whether you suffer from emotional or physical problems, addictions, or more, healing your internal organs will cure the root of the problem.

Therefore, you will learn two things in this article: 1) which organ system problems rose quartz can help treat, and 2) how to apply rose quartz for the best effect.

Generally, rose quartz opens the chest and the heart and supports Ying Qi (nutrient qi). Ying qi is the term given to energy that takes nutrients from food and uses them to nourish and heal your body. Also, it directly supports Yin Wei Mai (one of the foundations of your immune system).

If you don't know your body type, you should take the body type quiz. Your results will help you know if rose quartz is right for you.

Regulates and tonifies heart qi and blood which treats:

  • Low blood pressure
  • A racing heart after exercise or exertion
  • Poor circulation, as indicated by cold hands and feet and yang deficiency body type
  • Palpitations
  • Insomnia
  • Angina

Regulate body fluids to help address:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Slow metabolism
  • Excessive estrogen levels
  • Helpful for people with a phlegm damp body type

Rose quartz gua sha stones absorb heat which relieves:

  • Swollen or inflamed eyes
  • Congested sinuses

Rose quartz gua sha stones are good for someone who struggles with any of the following:

  • Lacks emotional warmth
  • Cannot engage in warm physical intimacy
  • Struggles with sorrow and grief
  • Needs to manage their fear
  • Has a blood stasis or qi deficiency body type

Rose quartz also helps:

  • Boost creativity
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Nurture confidence in people who feel helpless
  • Encourage forgiveness to open up relationship possibilities
  • Open the heart to love
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How to use rose quartz gua sha stones

Chinese medicine doctors use both topical (on the skin) and, very rarely, internal (drinking elixirs) methods of application for rose quartz. Keep reading to learn about topical applications that are easy for you to do on your own.

Before getting into the topical applications, please note the following cautions.

Rose quartz healing properties cautions

Consult a professional healthcare provider if you are considering drinking an elixir because of the potential aluminum content of rose quartz.

Clean in running water and recharge with clear quartz.

Topical application for rose quartz

Rose quartz gua sha massage receiving facial massage with gua sha tool in beauty salon

Rose quartz relieves sinus congestion

Rose quartz is best applied placing the stone topically or holding them in your hand.

Open the chest and heart

Hold rose quartz in the center of your palms, PC-8, Pericardium 8, Laogong, to help open the chest and the heart center. This position will soothe sadness or bereavement and open the heart to love.

Laogong Point Pericaridum 8

Use rose quartz gua sha to clear blocked sinuses

Hold or place your rose quartz gua sha stone on the depression on either side of your nostrils. You can also gently massage this area, which are your LI-20, Large Intestine 20, Yingxiang points.

Large Intestine 20

Open the chest

To open the chest, place rose quartz on the center of the sternum, in line with the nipples (REN-17). Ideal with pink tourmaline or rhodochrosite on either side.

Conception Vessel 17

Rose quartz gua sha to address feelings of helplessness

To address feelings of helplessness and to let go of that which causes pain, place rose quartz on the center of the chest and periodically tap it.

Juli Kramer

Dr. Juli Kramer is a certified qigong instructor. She also holds a diploma in Chinese Medicine Nutritional Therapy and multiple certificates in Chinese medicine. As a qigong and meditation teacher, Dr. Kramer understands the important role movement and meditation have on developing a healthy body and mind. Juli also has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Counseling Psychology.

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