Yin Metal Ox with BlossomsYin Metal Ox with Blossoms

Yin Metal Ox 2021

 February 12, 2021

By  Juli Kramer

2021 is the year of the Yin Metal Ox. Both yin metal and the ox provide wisdom and guidance to help you thrive and prosper by living in alignment with the energy of the year.

Let's start by examining the energetic properties of metal.

Often, when you think of metal, you might think of cars, skyscrapers, axes, weapons, and other hard, sharp, structural objects. These qualities are true about yang, or high energy, metal.

Metal also has other qualities that can guide you in the new year.

Think of your delicate jewelry: a watch that bends around your wrist, earrings that tickle your neck as they dangle gently, a necklace that drapes softly around your throat.

Picture carved objects you have seen at museums from ancient civilizations - Egypt, Mesoamerica, Europe, etc. Whether a gold figure of a god, a realistically carved scarab, or an intricate crown, metal bends to the creative imagination of the artist.

The wisdom of yin metal

Even today modern artisans work with metal to create unique and delicate shapes that calm your heart when you pause to appreciate their beauty. 

Herein lies the power of yin metal. It invites you to stop and appreciate the little things in life.

For example what "little things" can you pay better attention to in your relationships? I love when my husband turns down my side of the bed when I have to work late.  It's a little thing but means so much.

Hand crafted metal and wood tea tool

Think about your relationships and how yin metal energy can help you pay closer attention. 

Do your children or grandchildren do something so subtle that it might otherwise go unnoticed? Is it a gentle touch on your arm? The way they look at you?

Does a friend know exactly what to say or do at just the right moment? Championing you when your boss says something awful or sending you the perfect GIF when you feel sad?

How many actions, looks, words, etc. go unnoticed day after day because you have taken them for granted or allowed your mind to wander? Yin metal energy wisdom brings you back to the present to ensure you do not miss the precious, delicate gifts of the here and now.

Being pulled out of the present happens easily. Past and future problems, worries, and other thoughts draw you away effortlessly. In addition to being in the present with your relationships, you have the power to engage with the physical world around you.

In a recent Radiant Shenti Wellness membership class a member shared that she noticed a difference in the birdsong she was hearing. Yin metal energy invites you to experience these types of small wonders. 

Chickadee on a branch yin metal ox

The wisdom of the yin metal ox

This picture captures the vital essence of the ox. Slow, reliable, hard working. These traits hold a revered status in China, hard won by the ox's consistent value over the centuries. You can learn more about the mythology of the ox in China in this darling video.

In this year of the yin metal ox, you should bring these traits into your life. 2021 is not a year for rushing into things. The ox works methodically, and you should too.

Farmer working ox in a field in China

Take your time to analyze decisions. Think about why you want to do something. Is it a need or a want? Is it essential right now or can it wait? At the same time, you want to avoid decision paralysis. While the ox is slow, it constantly and steadily moves forward.

You will also need to work harder to achieve your goals this year. Imagine a field that challenges the ox as it plows through hard soil, large rocks, and numerous grasses and weeds. 2021 represents similar difficulties. Realistically you would do best to patiently plow through the challenges and prepare the "soil" for growth and expansion in 2022, the year of the Water Tiger.

Living in alignment with the seasons is a great way to move in the slow and steady rhythm of the ox.

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Chinese zodiac calculator

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