Precautions and Pointers – Read carefully before beginning the Rites

As with any exercise program, please consult with your healthcare provider before beginning the Five Tibetan Rites.

If you feel any pain or discomfort when doing the Rites, stop immediately. You may try the modifications. It is ideal to contact your healthcare provider to discuss which modifications are best for you.

If you have had any of the following issues, you are advised to discuss your limitations and which modifications are best for you with your healthcare provider.

  • You have reduced mobility or pain from an injury to or pain in your joints or muscles (e.g., knee, shoulder, wrists, neck, back, etc.)
  • You have physical effects from an illness or other medical condition (e.g., glaucoma, vertigo, arthritis, ulcers, high or low blood pressure, etc.)
  • You take any type of medication or supplement that may cause dizziness

If you have any of the above concerns, please share the instructional videos with your healthcare provider to discuss the  best modifications for you.

Pregnant women should NOT practice the Five Tibetan Rites. No research has been conducted to show that it is safe.


Each instructional video has three sections:

  1. Instruction for the original exercise
  2. Instruction for modifications
  3. Twenty-one repetitions of the original exercise

Try to breathe in and out of your nose for all of the exercises. Also, do not overdo it. Fewer repetitions with the right form is better for you. You can always use the modifications as you build up your strength and stamina.