Fire element personalityFire element personality

Fire Element Personality

 December 9, 2021

By  Juli Kramer

Fire element personality types feel happy. This happiness is both contagious and energizing. Fire element personality types also love a good time and can start one instantly. Don't know your type? Take the quiz.

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Fire element personality

Fire Element Personality

Optimism and Fear of Isolation

From optimism and joy, Fire element personality types’ happiness is both contagious and energizing. Fire loves a good time and can start one instantly. But when left alone, Fire may feel disappointed, embarrassed, or worst of all, lonely.

Fire element personality may have scores of friends, or just a few, but Fire types may struggle to develop close, trusting relationships with any of them.

Fire can be so captivating and exhilarating that no one would suspect this could possibly be a problem. However, since Fire types are so dramatic, they may feel devastated by the loss of a single friend.

What Fire types need are not a vast address book filled with names. They need safe and stable interactions. Without them, Fire can rage wildly, rushing intimacy and commitment, all too quickly falling in and out of love.

When Fire element personality types are balanced, grounded, and secure, they still have the brilliance with less sorrow and destruction.

Qigong exercises can help you find greater security as you release the tendencies for sorrow and destruction.

Fire Element Personality Archetype - The Wizard

Fire Element Personality

The fire element personality archetype, the Wizard, aims to fuse aspects of the world, to fill the mundane with the extraordinary, merging what is human with divine.

Just as the Fire of love brings together male and female to create new life, so too the Wizard wields power to overcome separation my welding different elements into one.

With this catalytic energy, the fire element personality Wizard brings the transforming power of light, love, and awareness into the world.

Enchanting and persuasive, the Wizard is a born salesman, selling not the product itself but rather the experience. The talisman or idea "sold" allows others to transcend the ordinary. The magic, however, is in the Wizard, not the merchandise.

The Wizard leaves people inspired

So, when this awesome barker of dreams vanishes, and the remarkable vison that would open up a whole new world becomes merely a practical device, people are not dissatisfied or disappointed. The very astonishment and joy that the Wizard inspires makes people glad.

Using personal magnetism and the gift of expression, the fire element personality Wizard can assemble a group of individuals into one unit. 

Whether as a team, chorus, classroom, audience, congregation, or political party, the Wizard gathers people up into a shared vision and feeling. Through this collection of hearts and minds of others, the Wizard helps others realize their humanness.

Which Five Elements Personality Type are You?

Five Elements Personality
Five Elements Personality

Comparing Fire element personality and Water

It’s helpful to compare the opposites of Fire and Water. Whereas Water types are restless and need to explore, Fire needs excitement and can easily get bored.

If Water is driving a car, it will run a red light for the thrill of danger, with at least some awareness of the risk.

Fire will either speed up so as not to wait, or it will run the light on random impulse. When pulled over by a police officer, Fire element personality types can often be so charming and charismatic, that they won’t receive a ticket. They may have even enjoyed the attention.

Unlike danger-driven Water types, Fire types may not repeat the offense, because they have already moved on to the next things.

Although both Fire and Water can be irresponsible, the causes are different.

Water gets too overwhelmed by its own existence to pay the bills. Fire’s just not in the mood. Then just before lunch, Fire pays its parking tickets, calls mom and books a plane ticket to visit, asks questions about forgotten credit card charges, and goes to the gym.

Distractable fire element personality

Because Fire types focus on the thrill and joy of the moment, they often do not take care of themselves. They may forget to eat, workout, or take care of health concerns.

At their health practitioner’s office, they may be more engaged with chatting to the receptionist than anything their caregiver might share.

When Fire types are out of balance, they might engage in more extreme behavior. They may relentlessly socialize at the expense of personal development, or they eat and drink with wild abandon, forgetful of the consequences.

Impulsivity and Hyperactivity

Because Fire element personality types have such a well-developed sense of humor, they may not take situations seriously.

At the same time, they might be hyper aware of interpersonal nuances in their relationships, to the point of paranoia. When someone doesn’t return a phone call or a greeting in the hallway, Fire element personality types can feel stabbed in the heart.

This goes for being impulsively drawn to drama. Fire types are drawn to scandal, whether through gossip, journalism, or fiction. In excess, Fire element personality types choose drama over truth, later becoming crushed by reality.

Step into your potential

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The Challenge of Change

Since Fire tends to run hot, Fire element personality types need to be careful about too much Yang, or heating, energy in their bodies.

All it takes is one spicy meal, cup of caffeine, or intimate situation and Fire types can get very heated, which can lead to nervousness and anxiety.

When out of balance, Fire types must impose immediate and rigid dietary restrictions, dropping Yang stimulants such as tea, coffee, alcohol, and nicotine, as well as chocolate. 

They should add steamed foods, tofu, soups, beans, and sprouts.

Of course, these essential changes will lead to complaining. Great! 

That means the change will help restore balance. Knowing their body type will also help fire element people eat and exercise right for their bodies.

In the meantime, Fire types should complain in a positive way, channeling their experience into anecdotes, photographs, music, furniture, screenplays, anything. Doing so will embrace Fire’s need for a creative outlet.

Change and happiness

When embracing such big changes, Fire element personality types can remember that they have the ability to delight in a budding flower, the quiet of an early morning, well-oil bike brakes, or the warmth of good-bye hugs.

They are naturally open to the possibility of happiness. Embracing them side of themselves will help them navigate the changes needed for physical and emotional happiness.

Easy to injure fire element personality types

It is easy for Fire types to get injured physically and emotionally. There are twice as many fire organs in the body, including the heart. Beyond obesity, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle can cause great harm to Fire types.

A good guide is eye contact. If you cannot easily and comfortably look other people in the eye, your heart, the organ of fire and home of your Shen or spirit could already be suffering.

Believing in Yourself

The power of Fire comes from the capacity to liberate heat and light and realize joy and fulfillment.

Fire element personality types need to temper their chemistry and contain their fervor. This will allow them to conserve their resources. They will be able to withdraw and separate in order to embrace and merge

Juli Kramer

Dr. Juli Kramer is a certified qigong instructor. She also holds a diploma in Chinese Medicine Nutritional Therapy and multiple certificates in Chinese medicine. As a qigong and meditation teacher, Dr. Kramer understands the important role movement and meditation have on developing a healthy body and mind. Juli also has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Counseling Psychology.

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