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Health and Happiness Reboot

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About this course

Reboot Your Health & Happiness Using Ancient Wisdom.

You might be unaware that your emotions are the root of most illness and disease - physical, emotional, and spiritual. Chinese medicine reveals the nature of this interconnection and provides practical, easy-to-use methods that keep your emotions clear and flowing like a sparkling stream.

Understand your body and emotions

Build Emotional Connection

Tune Into Your power to heal

Why Take the Health & Happiness Reboot Course

Do you know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut? You keep thinking the same thing over and over?  Maybe you even keep repeating the same destructive patterns?

Well, it's not your fault.

You didn't learn how your emotions have a deep connection with your physical health.

Or how simple movements and sounds can help you overcome lifelong patterns that leave you feeling stuck.

You can make changes for the better.

You don't need to feel:




A Carefully Crafted Series of Lessons

You might remember the crazy "I get it!" feeling from when you were little and learned something new. Perhaps it was how to:

  • Pump your legs to soar high on a swing.
  • Balance "just so" to speed fast on your bike.
  • Crack an egg without any shells falling into the bowl.

They seem like little things now, but at the time, they captivated and inspired you.

The lessons for the Health & Happiness Reboot are designed to give you that same "Aha!" feeling. 

You will explore ideas that radically change how you think about your health - physical, emotional, and spiritual are to feel happier and healthier than ever before.

Boost Your Energy


Strength in dealing with challenges

I have improved awareness of where I am, and improved flexibility, adaptability, strength in dealing with challenges.

Robert - manager

The standard of teaching is really high

I like to be able to dip in when I choose. The standard of teaching is really high, and I love to learn new things.

Eleanor - writer

I feel better

When I consistently practice, I feel better. I love that the classes are recorded and videos I can use when it works with my time.

Yvonne - healer

Here's What You'll Get

  • A new road map to understand the connection between your emotions and your health.
  • In-depth instruction on Qigong Healing Sounds to cleanse and balance your emotions.
  • A 25-Day whole-body Health & Happiness Reboot Qigong Challenge
  • A 30-day no quibble money-back guarantee
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Course Structure

4 Lessons

Introduction: How Your Emotions Affect Your Health & Happiness

In this module, you will learn about the relationship between your emotions and your health and happiness. You will first dive into Chinese medicine theory about the interconnection. Then, you will do qigong flows and mudras to begin clearing emotional blockages and cultivate Qi for more balanced emotions.

Internal Causes of Disease: The Role of Your Emotions

The body-mind is not a pyramid but a circle of interaction between the Internal Organs and their emotional aspects. This lesson begins to unpack these interactions and give you a new road map through which to attain optimal physical and mental health.

The Effects of Your Emotions on Qi

Qi is the active force and source of all life. Qi moves in specific directions within the human body. When these movements are disrupted from the emotions, illness and disease result.

The Principle of Holism

In Chinese medicine, the body is viewed as a whole, interconnected system. All parts influence each other, and the mind is included as one of the parts. All healing practices derive from this foundational concept.

The Root Source of Your Happiness

Just as the body's parts work as a whole, so too the human body is a part of natural world. It is said that the body is between heaven and earth, a part of the energetic whole of nature.
6 Lessons

The Five Agents/Elements of the Five Yin Organs

The psycho-emotional components of the Prenatal Five Agents and Postnatal Five Emotions are both stored within the body's Five Yin Organs and are expressed starting childhood and on into adulthood. Each lesson teaches you about the Five Agents/Elements with an accompanying qigong flow and guided mudra meditation to heal that energy system.

Understanding the Five Agents/Elements

The Five Agents, or Elemental Energies, encompass not only the body but all the myriad phenomena of the body and nature, combining and recombining in infinite ways to produce manifested existence.

The Metal Agent (the Virtue of Integrity)

After birth, the Lungs store the emotions of grief, sorrow, anxiety, sadness, shame, disappointment, and guilt. They are also the primary source of a strong immune system. Keeping them supple and healthy is essential for your health.

The Water Agent (the Virtue of Wisdom)

The Kidneys contribute to the health of a variety of bodily functions, as well as emotions such as fear, shock, loneliness, and insecurity. When strong, you have the capacity for wise and rational thought.

The Wood Agent (the Virtue of Kindness)

This lesson explores the role of the Liver and the Wood Element within the context of emotional and physical health

The Fire Agent (the Virtue of Order)

This lesson explores the Heart and its role in physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

The Earth Agent (the Virtue of Trust)

The Spleen houses Earth Agent energy and impacts your mind, body, and spirit.
10 Lessons

Qigong Healing Sounds

The lessons in this module allow you to continue to build the tools in your toolbox for emotional and physical healing. You will learn about sounds and colors that nurture and revitalize each organ system and apply their use through qigong flows and meditations.

Review of the Five Agents/Elements

Five Agent/Element Theory serves as the foundation of healing from a Chinese medicine perspective. This lesson explores the Five Elements and how they relate to your body. You will also discover the roots of this practice in ancient Taoist teachings and how healing sounds are an easy-to-use tool to overcome harmful effects of modern life.

Lung System: The Metal Element

The Lungs and Large Intestine are associated with the Metal Element. Emotionally, a balanced Metal Element enhances attributes of dignity, integrity, and high self-esteem. You will learn the healing sounds and colors for both the physical and emotional healing of the Lung System.

Kidney System: The Water Element

The healing sounds and colors for the Kidneys help you overcome jealousy, suspicion, and long-standing grudges, as well as fear. Cognitively your memory and clarity of thought thrive when balanced with healing sounds. Plus, you will find your will power.

Liver System: The Wood Element

The healing sounds and colors you will learn help the Liver function for the smooth flow of Qi as well. Emotionally, when the liver is in balance, you are filled with kindness, benevolence, compassion, and generosity. Your creativity will also thrive, as will decisiveness (a psychological feature of the gallbladder).

Heart System: The Fire Element

The positive emotions of Fire include love, joy, and excitement. When balanced within you, it’s easier to feel inspired, full of life, and deeply connected to your loved ones. This healing sounds practice supports a healthy Heart System to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of a strong Fire Element.

Spleen System: The Earth Element

The healing sounds and colors you will learn in this lesson support digestion, flexible and firm muscles and veins, and efficient processing of nutrients essential for your health. Emotionally, you will experience tools to calm an overthinking and worry, severe anxiety, and confusion. They will also improve memory, cognition, and analytical thinking.

Triple Burner

The Triple Burner, or Triple Warmer, is the system that connects and coordinates the smooth movement of energy between all the organ systems. The healing sound and color exercises help to recharge the body's Qi metabolism, regulate Internal Qi, and balance the eight systems of the body.

Six Healing Sounds Meditation Practice: Healing the Body

In this lesson you will enjoy a full flow of the Qigong Healing Sounds for the Body. The class begins with the Wu Zang meditation to allow the free circulation of Qi, making the Qi energy more accessible for healing. Then you will do a full flow of the vocalized healing sounds for your body.

Six Healing Colors Qigong Flow: Healing the Body

In this lesson you will enjoy a full flow of the Qigong Healing Colors for the Body. The class begins with the Wu Zang meditation to allow the free circulation of Qi, making the Qi energy more accessible for healing. Then you will do a full flow integrating healing colors for your body.

Six Healing Sounds Meditation Practice: Healing the Emotions

In this lesson you will enjoy a full flow of the Qigong Healing Sounds for the Emotions. The class begins with the Releasing Emotional Blockages and Energetic Armoring meditation. Beginning with this meditation will promote the free circulation of Qi, making the Qi energy more accessible for healing. Then you will do a full flow of the whispered healing sounds for your emotions.
25 Lessons

25-Day Health & Happiness Reboot Qigong Challenge

This series of Qigong flows draws upon the information presented in the previous lessons. They are designed to draw upon Five Element theory for helping you thrive in mind, body, and spirit.

Day 1: Clear Blockages

Today’s flow focuses on clearing emotional and physical blockages and drawing in fresh qi. The sequence for Day 1 begins this process. It also gets you moving and feeling energized to start your day.

Day 2: Boost Metabolism

This qigong flow helps you boost your metabolism for healthy weight and energy. This sequence also strengthens and adjusts your shoulder area and stimulates your heart energy for better circulation.

Day 3: Boost Mental Clarity

This qigong flow stimulates your energy to open your mind and give you greater mental clarity.

Day 4: Support the Lymphatic System

Today’s flow supports your ability to let go of unwanted and harmful emotions, as well as waste stuck in your body. It also strengthens your Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, and Spleen for better immunity and a calm mind.

Day 5: Strengthen Your Digestion

In this sequence, you will strengthen your digestion to boost your immunity and energize your body.

Day 6: Balance Your Hormones

The qigong and massage sequence for Day 6 opens and balances your glandular system and allows toxins to release and be dispersed.

Day 7: Release Blockages

Release blockages and let go of emotional armoring in this healing qigong flow and meditation.

Day 8: Shake Off Tension

Today you will be doing fantastic qigong sequence that helps shake off tension and stress you may be carrying in your body.

Day 9: Boost Your Mood

Today’s qigong sequence boosts your mood and balances your metabolism, helping your feel calm yet energized.

Day 10: Release Tension

Release deep muscular tension.

Day 11: Feel Young and Vibrant

Today’s qigong exercise sequence boosts youthfulness and beauty, both inside and out. Youthfulness comes from a body and mind that are flexible, strong, and open.

Day 12: Cultivate Yang Energy

This qigong exercise sequence starts with a short qigong warm-up, followed by a meditation to cultivate Sun, or Yang, energy. You will feel enlivened and energized.

Day 13: Release Tension

These qigong exercises and stretches trigger a deep release of muscular tension throughout your body.

Day 14: Calm Your Nerves

These qigong exercises will calm your nervous system by moving your qi.

Day 15: Calm Your Mind

These qigong exercises and stretches will calm your mind and give you a sense of peace.

Day 16: Boost Your Metabolism

You will continue to strengthen the flow of blood and qi in your body.

Day 17: Strengthen Your Lungs

Increase your lung capacity and eliminate stale, stagnant air with these qigong exercises. Clear sadness, loss, and sorrow.

Day 18: Love Your Liver

Give your liver a little love so it can do its job to keep you healthy, less angry, and irritated, and beautiful.

Day 19: Clear Toxins

Clear physical and emotional toxins with these qigong exercises.

Day 20: Boost Inner Strength

These qigong exercises strengthen your kidneys, thereby reducing worry and fear. You will also nourish your kidney’s vital essence and tap into your fountain of youth.

Day 21: Boost Confidence and Courage

A weakened gallbladder can sap your courage and willingness to reach for your dreams.

Day 22: Be in the Present Moment

Be present in the here and now instead of worrying about the future with these qigong exercises.

Day 23: Release Grief and Sorrow

You may have been dealing with emotional hurt that is decades-old.

Day 24: Harmonize Your Heart

When your shen, your Heart spirit, flows smoothly, your mind is less scattered, you prevent headaches, and you feel cheerful.

Day 25: Open Your Heart & Sleep Better

How to sleep better comes from a strong, calm heart. Your Heart controls how well you sleep.