Seasonal Movement Challenges

Chinese Medicine Perspective on Winter

Module 1

It’s that time of year where the stress of planning for the holidays and the colder weather of winter can weaken your immune system and ability to fight off colds and flu. Radiant Shenti's Winter Movement Challenge is a great way to jump start your health, regardless of the season, and learn wellness techniques to last a lifetime.


Module Structure

The importance of storage and rest during winter

According to Chinese medicine, the Cold Season (winter) is characterized by temperatures that are usually below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The Kidneys, Bladder, and bones are most vulnerable at this time. In the Su Wen it states that “Winter is a cold storage season. Qi gathers in the core of the body. Don’t disturb it…Warm up the body, store up energy to rejuvenate and to preserve life. Or the Kidney gets hurt…”

Learn more about the tasks of storage and rest in this lesson.

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Winter Movement Challenge Introduction

Watch this introductory video to learn about Chines medicine's perspective on winter, and how the Winter Movement Challenge will help you apply this information to be healthy and happy this winter.

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Winter and your emotions

Water is the element associated with winter, which gives you the task of creating structure in your life to balance your emotions. Watch the video to learn more about emotional health during winter.