Living in Harmony with the Seasons

Living in Harmony with Winter: Recharge and Restore

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Winter brings colder temperatures, as well as greater risks for catching the flu, Covid, and other illnesses. Even if you live in warmer climates, the temperatures tend to drop, signaling your body that it is time to rebuild. The overall theme of the season is about warming your outside as much as possible so your internal systems can rebuild and repair.

Our Living in Harmony with Winter course shows you how to partner with your body in the healing process in order to boost your vitality, increase your immunity (to fight viruses and colds), and nurture yourself inside and out. Using Chinese medicine techniques, you’ll:

  • Learn how to warm your body beyond just wearing a coat, scarf, and mittens.
  • Experience the power of specially designed winter qigong sequences that boost immunity.
  • Discover acupressure massage sequences to warm the body and reduce the bite of winter cold.
  • Explore moxibustion and other body warming techniques and why they’re so critical for your health during the winter.
  • Learn meditation techniques to ground your yin energy, balance your emotions and help you heal your body.
  • Create nourishing soups and other recipes that boost your vitality.
  • Prepare immune boosting Chinese medicine food-based tea remedies to fight viruses and colds.
  • Improve your overall health, radiance, circulation and qi.

Classes are appropriate for all levels of fitness. 

NOW is the TIME to start making time to care for yourself, inside and out . YOU have the power to heal and strengthen your body and live your best life!

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I came away with so much more than I expected.  I imagined I’d learn a few new calisthenics I could do at my desk a couple of times a day to supplement the hard core workout I should be doing after work.  Instead, I learned how easy it is to move throughout the day (even though I have a desk job) and that little bits of movement really  do add up.  Maybe the biggest accomplishment has been that I no longer feel guilty about not being able (or even wanting) to keep up the no-pain-no-gain exercise routines that ultimately created more stress in my life.  I’m now beginning to  remember how much I used to truly enjoy moving my body for no other reason than just because it feels good.  Thank you! ~C.N.

I would like to thank you for everything you’ve included in the course.  It’s very much what I need to accomplish my health goals.  So much is explained and I truly need the movement exercises to loosen up my body. ~L.L.

From doing qigong, my energy is flowing in a new way and I am finally able to let go of what I no longer need and release the thoughts that were the source of my neck and head pain. I am grateful for the peace I feel knowing I have overcome a lifetime of anxiety and anger for assuming responsibility for the pain of others. ~E.L.

I always feel that I have to push myself, work up a big sweat when that is really not anywhere in my comfort level. I’ve always done a slow and steady form of exercise and thank you for confirming that that was a good thing to do! ~P.E.

I have really really enjoyed the 30 Day Movement Challenge and learnt a lot. Thank you for being so generous with sharing information and with your time. My kids are doing the 100 steps after each meal and with virtual schooling, they are also trying to move more during the breaks, thanks to the awareness that you have created. ~B.K.

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Course Structure

5 Lessons

Chinese Medicine Perspective on Winter

It’s that time of year where the stress of planning for the holidays and the colder weather of winter can weaken your immune system and ability to fight off colds and flu. Radiant Shenti's Winter Movement Challenge is a great way to jump start your health, regardless of the season, and learn wellness techniques to last a lifetime.


The importance of storage and rest during winter

According to Chinese medicine, the Cold Season (winter) is characterized by temperatures that are usually below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The Kidneys, Bladder, and bones are most vulnerable at this time. In the Su Wen it states that “Winter is a cold storage season. Qi gathers in the core of the body. Don’t disturb it…Warm up the body, store up energy to rejuvenate and to preserve life. Or the Kidney gets hurt…”

Learn more about the tasks of storage and rest in this lesson.

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Staying healthy in the winter

Watch this introductory video to learn about Chines medicine's perspective on winter, and how the Winter Movement Challenge will help you apply this information to be healthy and happy this winter.

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Winter and your emotions

Water is the element associated with winter, which gives you the task of creating structure in your life to balance your emotions. Watch the video to learn more about emotional health during winter.

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Winter Solstice Seasonal Node

The Chinese term for Winter Solstice (dong zhi ??) literally means the “extreme of yin,” and symbolically this node is represented by Hexagram 24, which is comprised of one Yang line at the bottom of 5 Yin lines.
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Winter Solstice Great Cold Seasonal Node

Great Cold is the last seasonal node of Winter. In just about 2 weeks both the lunar and solar beginning of Spring arrives.
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Qigong for Winter Wellness

The intent for qigong during the winter is to draw energy into the core of the body, to consolidate the energy in the core to support the organs, the channels, and overall energy of the body. From there, the aim is to allow that energy to lift and hold the body upright, and then from there to take tension away, to allow that tension to settle down and out of the body

Winter Qigong: Four Essential Movements

This qigong sequence consists of four simple qigong movements. Each one is meant to help the body tune itself to the winter season.

Winter Qigong: The Deer Qigong Sequence

This ancient sequence is one of The Five Animals qigong flows. In this sequence, you will perform the deer posture which helps you gather in and calm the body. This gathering in helps you build up needed essence to thrive with new growth in the spring.

Winter Qigong: Four Essential Movements & The Deer

A wonderful qigong flow that combines your winter postures into one sequence.

Winter Qigong Flow to Draw Inward

This full-length qigong flow with James Saper. This flow allows you to draw your energy inward to build yin energy.

Winter Qigong: Taiyang

This qigong sequence of 4 movements that open meridian channels along the back of the body, taiyang. These channels protect the body from cold. It's also a pathway for the yang qi. As it rises up, it travels deep into the torso and nourishes the internal organs.

Daily Morning Movements

The cold of winter tightens the body and restricts the flow of qi and blood, more so than any time of year. These morning movements warm the body and strengthens the Kidneys to keep you healthy and vibrant all winter long.

Daily Evening Massage and Qigong Flow

Calming the body down from daily activities relaxes your nervous system and bring the blood out of the head. You also help the qi move from the outside to the inside, where it heals and protects your Zangfu organs. This regeneration is essential for a healthy immune system, calm mood, and flexible, energized movement.

Eye Exercises to Boost Immunity

Caring for your eyes protects your Liver system, which in turn boosts your immunity. This lesson takes you through massages and exercises that nourish your eyes and keep you healthy.

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5 Lessons

Moxibustion and Acupressure

Moxibustion is a therapy that evolved along with acupuncture millennia ago. Moxa helps open up blocked channels and heal the body. In this module, you will learn more about this healing method and why it's such a powerful tool to keep you healthy in the winter.

Introduction to Moxibustion

Whether you have an excess or deficiency condition, moxibustion therapy will bring your body back into balance. In this lesson you will learn more about how moxibustion works.

Using Moxibustion Safely

Moxibustion can keep you healthy and strong if performed safely. Learn tips and tricks that will help you have a positive and safe experience. You will also read about precautions and contraindications for using moxa in this lesson.

Moxibustion General Winter Pattern

In this lesson, you will learn about specific patterns to keep your body warm and in balance this winter.

Acupressure Massage to Strengthen your Kidneys

This video teaches you specific acupressure points that will strengthen your Kidney and Bladder system. These points boost your immune system, help enliven your mood, and add a boost of youthful energy during the darker days of winter.

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8 Lessons

Eating According to Winter and Your Constitution

Learn more about your body constitution and how to select foods that are right for you during the winter.

Eating Healthy in Early Winter

Winter starts in early November, according to the Chinese lunar calendar. There are special ways to think about food and eating at this time. This lesson includes a recipe for Ginseng Congee.

Body Constitution

Not all people have the same body constitution. Your own constitution can even change across the seasons and your lifetime. Explore your constitution and what what that means for your health in the winter.

Qi and Your Body Constitution

Qi is the vital life force or energy that flows through channels in the body. With adequate Qi, people can live a long and healthy life. Knowing your body constitution helps you identify how to best build Qi for your body in order to have a strong defense system and abundant health.


Characteristics of Body Constitution Types

The most commonly used Chinese medicine constitution types divide people into nine different categories. This lesson provides a quick summary of these categories. Later lessons go into more detail about each type.

Warming and Nourishing Winter Soups

This cooking class will show you how to prepare three warming winter soups that nourish you deep into your bones.

Winter Solstice Soup Recipe

Here’s a traditional recipe for Winter Solstice: Longan and Lamb Soup ?????

Cold Season Blue Garlic Seasonal Node

This seasonal node is one of the coldest, most Yin times of the year. Blue garlice is a traditional dish eaten during this seasonal node.

Additional Food Recommendations and Recipes

It's important to eat foods that warm the body. You also need to make sure to protect against dryness, eating and drinking nourishing soups and teas.