Two main themes guide your Summer Weight Loss Challenge.

  1. Living and eating in alignment with summer
  2. Increasing the amount of daily movement/exercise

The modules and lessons support both themes and give you the power to accomplish your goals.

Enchantingly Beautiful Daily Movement Challenge

You might be the kind of person who does best with a live, daily challenge. We've got you covered. 

Starting June 20th and running Monday to Fridays until July 7th, 2022, you can take on the Enchantingly Beautiful Daily Movement Challenge, a free add-on to your course.

Tips for success

These recommendations come from previous students and will enable you to feel positive as you reach your goals.

  • Read all of the dietary guidelines early in the challenge.
  • Watch all of the Five Tibetan Rites "How-to" videos before launching into the 27-days of the Rites.
  • Complete your journal daily. It is motivating to look back and see how much you have changed for the better. It also helps you overcome challenges.

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