Living in Harmony with the Seasons

Living in Harmony with Summer: Clearing and Letting Go

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About this course

A Little Known Way to Feel  Luminous...

Summer can leave you feeling lethargic, sweaty, and scattered. It doesn't need to. You can feel luminous, light, and refreshed from the comfort of your own home! 

Clear your mind

Open your heart to love

feel vibrant & light

Why Take the Living in Harmony with Summer Course?

Do you know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut and feel awful each summer? You do the same things each year? 
Even though you always feel uncomfortable?

Well, it's not your fault.

You didn't learn how to live according to the seasons in school .

You can make changes for the better.

You don't need to feel:

even after a full night's sleep

Bloated or distended

anxious or depressed

A Carefully Crafted Series of Lessons

Living in Harmony with Summer happens when you address what you:

  • Do - For example exercising, walking, resting, sleeping
  • Eat - Think food choices and when you eat
  • Think - For instance making time to relax and meditate

You have access to 27 easy-to-follow lessons that teach you how to Do, Eat, and Think in ways that keep you cool and calm. Check out the lesson topics in the side bar for more details.

You won't have to dread taking yet another shower because you feel like you just stepped out of a sauna.

Enchantingly Beautiful Daily Exercise - Live Classes!

You might be the kind of person who does best with a live, daily challenge. We've got you covered. 

Starting June 20th and running Monday to Fridays until July 7th, 2022, you can take on the Enchantingly Beautiful Daily Movement Challenge. 

Hi, I'm Juli Kramer

I discovered the magic of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in my 40's after struggling with my physical health and getting no help from Western Doctors. Since then I have passionately set out on a path to learn how to heal my mind, body and spirit through TCM nutrition, and qigong. Now, I’m here to help you feel happier, look better and live longer by sharing with you all the wonderful health benefits of these ancient healing modalities. Along with my fellow teachers, James Saper, John Platt, and Addison Sheldon, I invite you to feel more blissful and serene this summer.

Founder of Radiant Shenti

Client Reviews

Accesible and Realistic

"Your daily plan was very accessible by myself and realistic. I felt secure modifying it. You shared the beauty of Addison with us. The teacher from Canada is also amazing."


Oodles and Doodles of Info

"You provide oodles and doodles of info and such a variety of topics."


Secure Your SPot!

Step Into Feeling Lighter

Here's What's Included

  • 8 Modules easy-to-follow modules
  • Master Qigong teachers with over 50 years of cumulative experience
  • 3 Weeks of short, daily, live classes each morning to start "Doing"
  • Lifestyle tips on what to Do, Eat, and Think for Summer
  • Free Wellness Bullet eJournal to keep track of your progress
  • Free eRecipe Book for cooling summer smoothies

Frequently asked questions

Will the exercises be too hard?

No. We offer modifications for people of all abilities. You will discover the movements that are just right for you.

What if I can't attend class live?

No worries! All classes are recorded and then posted to the course. You will also receive weekly emails during the live portion of the challenge to keep up with anything you missed.

What will I learn?

You will learn how summer affects your body and emotions. With this information, you will then delight in smoothie and other recipes perfect for the season. You will also luxuriate in qigong and gua sha flows that cool and calm.

Will I have fun?

That's the best part of the course. It's totally fun. You will love fellow students from around the world. You will also be blown away by how strong you get over the course of the live challenge.

A Harmonious Summer is Waiting for you

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Course Structure

3 Lessons


Welcome to Radiant Shenti's Summer Weight Loss Challenge. This module will help you learn how to get the most out of the course website, wellness journal, support groups, and live sessions.

It's the first step in your summer transformation!

Course Overview

Two main themes guide your Summer Weight Loss Challenge. 1) Living and eating in alignment with summer and 2) Increasing the amount of daily movement/exercise. The modules and lessons support both themes and give you the power to accomplish your goals.

How to use your wellness journal

This quick video lesson will help you familiarize yourself with your wellness journal. In addition to this overview, you will receive daily reminder and suggestions for how to best use your daily journal.


Website Tour

Get comfortable navigating the course website with this lesson.
4 Lessons

Lifestyle Recommendations for Summer Living

Enjoy the creative, yang energy of the summer by following TCM lifestyle recommendations.

A Season for Growing

In this lesson you will learn about how TCM views the summer season, and what that means for your health, diet, and lifestyle choices.

Recommendations for Daily Living

Greeting the morning sun, exercising when it's cool, and inhaling fresh air are some of the recommendation for daily living in the summer.

Summer Exerise Recommendations

How and when should you exercise during the summer? What happens if you work out too hard or too little? Set yourself up for a healthy fall and winter with these guidelines.

Late Summer

This short but powerful season is the time of the spleen and needs just as much attention and care as the rest of the summer.
7 Lessons

What to Eat this Summer and Why

In this module, you learn about Chinese dietary therapy history as well as how to apply the principles to maintain a healthy weight. The information will empower you to make the dietary and lifestyle choices essential for less stress, more energy, and better health.

History of Chinese Dietary Therapy

Healthy eating and longevity no longer need to be guesswork. In this lesson you will learn about the rich history that serves as the foundation for the diet and lifestyle recommendations taught during the challenge.

Principles of Digestion

In this lesson you will look at your digestion from a new perspective. It's a different route to get to your destination of a healthy weight, more energy, and a longer life.

Implications of the Principles of Digestion

Now that you know how your digestion works, learn how to cook and eat according to these TCM principles.

Dampness and Phlegm

Dampness and phlegm contribute to excess or deficient weight, qi, and vital energy. Learn more about their effects.

Summer Dietary Recommendations

Learn about specific foods to eat for each part of the summer. Eat right to get to a healthy weight. You will also boost your immunity now to stay well in the fall and winter.

Chinese Medicine Body Clock

Eating at the right time of day will help you maintain a healthy weight. It will also prevent illness and disease, as well as give you greater mental clarity.

Cooling Summer Herbal and Food-based Remedies

Learn how to prepare cooling summer teas and broths
14 Lessons

Summer Yoga Kriya Challenge

In addition to, or in place of, the Five Tibetan Rites, you can challenge yourself to this short and sweet Kundalini yoga kriya challenge. For 14 days you will have a chance to build your strength. You will have that special glow and feel vibrant.
7 Lessons

Qigong, Gua Sha, and Mudras

In addition to the 5 Tibetan Rites, doing these calming and centering qigong exercises will balance your body for a healthier weight and balanced emotions.

Summer Solstice Qigong

Summer Solstice Qigong elevates your heart energy and prepares you for the joyful center-point of the summer.

Summer Qigong Exercises to Balance the Heart

James Saper takes you through a beautiful heart opening qigong sequence. Perfect to balance and open your heart energy.

Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade and Balancing the Heart

Enliven the flow of qi and blood through your body to strengthen your heart. Then balance your heart energy with a calming heart opening flow.

Heart Opening Gua Sha Flow

Open your heart system meridian lines as you release stress to calm your mind and spirit.

Silent 5 Elements Qigong Flow

Enjoy this peaceful and easy to follow silent qigong flow to calm your shen, spirit, and heart.

Yoga Mudras for Late Summer

Join Addison for this relaxing session of yoga mudras (finger yoga) designed to nurture the earth element and your digestion.

Late Summer Earth Element Qigong Flow

Stop overthinking and worry in this Late Summer qigong flow.
7 Lessons

The Five Tibetan Rites

Learn about the benefits of the Five Tibetan Rites, how to do each properly, and why they are a perfect summer exercise regimne.
28 Lessons

Five Tibetan Rites: Day 1 to Day 27

Each day you will be able to follow along with the 5 Tibetan Rites. Over the 25 days of the challenge, you will build up your stamina and strength in a gradual, and safe manner.

Day 1 Five Tibetan Rites

Today you start with 3 repetitions of each of the 5 Tibetan Rites

Day 2 Five Tibetan Rites

Way to go! Two days in a row. Keep up the good work.

Day 7 Five Tibetan Rites

Last day of 3 repetitions for each of the five rites.

Day 8 Five Tibetan Rites

Today's the first day you start adding one repetition to each exercise per day, if you are able. You can do modifications for some or all of the rites and modifications.

Day 10 Five Tibetan Rites

You're doing great! Today you will do 6 repetitions of each.

Day 11 Five Tibetan Rites

Enjoy your 7 repetitions of each rite, plus a tutorial on how to do plank pose at the end.

How to Safely do Plank and Side Plank

This lesson was inspired by a participant adding plank to her daily Five Tibetan Rites. Learn how to do modifications to build your strength slowly and steadily.

Day 14 Five Tibetan Rites

Wow! You're up to 10 repetitions today. Keep up the great work.
1 Lesson


Find all of the PDFs referenced and used during the Summer Weight Loss Challenge here!