Your emotions the environment and body constitutionYour emotions the environment and body constitution

Mastering Your Emotions and Your Body Type

 May 5, 2021

By  Juli Kramer

Mastering your emotions and your reaction to the environment is affected by your body type. When you are out of balance with your body type, your emotions can feel unstable and the environment can be hard for you to handle.

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Mastering your emotions

If your body type quiz result showed that you have emotional excess or weakness, that means you should pay extra attention to lifestyle recommendations for your body constitution type.

For example, if you have a hot constitution, you naturally have a tendency to be more aggressive and angry. If you have excess emotions, that means you will be even more prone to anger.

As another example, depression could rule your emotions if you have a qi stagnation body constitution. If emotional weakness affects you, you may feel more depressed than other people with qi stagnation.

What helps with mastering your emotions?

To illustrate, let’s look at a hot constitution again. Eating the right foods and following lifestyle recommendations will allow you to master your emotions, to feel calm and in control.

The best case scenario is that you won’t even feel aggressive or angry anymore. The second best scenario is that the breathing and meditation skills you learn will help you calm down if you have a strong reaction.

For another example, look at emotional weakness. If you have qi stagnation, you’re more likely to have depression. By eating the right foods, you can energize your body. And by having more energy, you can overcome your feelings of depression.

Beyond your emotions, the environment

If you received temperature excess or weakness with your results, that means that you are affected by the environment.

The goal is to strengthen your body to handle changing conditions. It’s much like mastering your emotions.

Tree blown by the wind

If you are sensitive to the environment, you feel more affected by the elements.

As an example, you might have a phlegm-damp constitution with temperature excess. The result may be that you might feel extra sluggish in during hot weather. With temperature excess, you feel this way even more than other people who are phlegm-damp.

To illustrate further, you might have a yang deficiency body constitution with temperature weakness. In this case, cold places and air conditioning often make you sick.

You can master your reaction to the environment, just like mastering your emotions

Just like mastering your emotions, you can strengthen your body. When your body is strong, the hot, cold, humidity, dryness, and dampness will not affect you. You will have the vitality to adjust internally.

Here’s an example. When you are energized, your body can add fat to warm you in the winter. As soon as spring and summer come, the body knows how to let go of the fat to help you stay cool.

When you are out of balance, your body doesn’t have the ability to self-regulate. You are a victim to the environment. Your immune system also suffers, making you more likely to get sick.

Feeling better mastering your emotions and body

The ultimate goal is to love how you feel. You want to feel happy. You also want to feel comfortable.

You can feel better, regardless of your body type by:

  • eating the right foods;
  • doing the right types of exercise; and
  • following lifestyle recommendations.

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Juli Kramer

Dr. Juli Kramer is a certified qigong instructor. She also holds a diploma in Chinese Medicine Nutritional Therapy and multiple certificates in Chinese medicine. As a qigong and meditation teacher, Dr. Kramer understands the important role movement and meditation have on developing a healthy body and mind. Juli also has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Counseling Psychology.

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