Water element personalityWater element personality

Water Element Personality

 October 7, 2021

By  Juli Kramer

Water element personality types reflect the qualities of water. As you understand water's strengths and weaknesses, you can use this powerful information to grow and change. Don't know your Five Elements Personality Type? Take the quiz.

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water element personality

Water Element Personality

Expansion and Exploration

Firstly, water needs to have free time and space to flow. As a result, you can’t rush Water element personality types or expect them to follow the status quo. Water has its own reality, a mysterious and intriguing perspective that gets in the way of mundane tasks.    

Secondly, responsibility burdens Water, which easily becomes consumed by philosophical ideas. Still, Water has soul, as it enables life to begin and evaporates in the end.

Lastly, water prefers the unknown and can be fearless. Accordingly, they inspire themselves and others to try new experiences. Water element personality types give people's lives depth, intelligence, and meaning. Mostly, water wants to do. Water types surge forward, stopping only when completely drained.

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Water Element Personality Archetype - The Philosopher

Water element personality

The five elements archetype for Water is the Philosopher constantly seeking out "the" truth.

Primarily, the philosopher uncovers what is hidden, adding to new knowledge, solving mystery, and increasing awareness. They examine beliefs in an effort to understand reality.

Even so, as Water element personality types share their thoughts with the world, they hope their ideas will be used wisely.

They can imagine what is possible and see beyond day-to-day reality. As a result, they inspire others to see possibilities and create their own dreams.

However, although they love to dream, they find it hard to make their visions a reality.

Water Element Personality and Fear

Water pertains to survival and makes people consider the significance of life and death. Water’s default emotion is fear.

In summary, if Water element personality types stay balanced, they feel courageous and act reasonably. Specifically, they can challenge others without making enemies.

However, they may find themselves out of balance and suffer hardships as a result.

With too little fear, they can take unhealthy risks. Some examples include risky activities like gambling or intravenous drug use. Additionally, they might live for the next adrenaline-rush, closing off the possibility of intimate relationships. Their lives may constantly be in danger.

With too much fear, water element personality types can become frozen psychologically and physically. Undeniably, fear can motivate positive change, but they may avoid fear by playing it safe, which inevitably limits their growth.

Qigong exercises can help you have the "just right" level of fear. 

Which Five Elements Personality Type are You?

Five Elements Personality
Five Elements Personality

Health Considerations for Five Elements Water Element Personality

The biggest downfall for these types is self-induced exhaustion. No matter how much or what they do, Water rarely wants to stop. As a result, without enough energy, they feel exhausted and have a breakdown or meltdown.

To prevent depletion, they must rest...without guilt! 

During their waking hours, Water element personality types need to spend time resting, doing as little as possible. Ideally they should turn off digital devices for short periods each day.

Considerations about sexual activity

Sexually, Tina Lion warns that "Water types may be lured by the promise of more sex, longer encounters, new partners, or better orgasms. When they can’t stop sexual activity or addiction to pornography, their Water falls excessively out of balance, and they injure their health.

Too much sexual activity burns Jing essence, one’s life force. It’s like money in a bank account that never gets replenished. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Shortening life and robbing them of energy to stay healthy.

Everyone has a different level of Jing essence, so there’s no rule of thumb for how much is too much. A good guide for Water is that sex should energize, propelling Water to flow. If you need to sleep afterward, you need rest, not more sex."

Water Element Personality Diet and Exercise Recommendations

In regard to diet, five elements this personality type prefer salty flavors. In excess, salt weakens the Water element and Kidneys. Subsequently, weak kidneys increase fear. Therefore, water types should resist their salt cravings.

They also tend to feel Cold easily. Therefore, they should consume fewer raw foods, iced drinks, frozen desserts, and dairy products.

Whenever possible, Water types should dress in layers to stay warm with changing weather conditions.

Furthermore, to stay physically and psychologically healthy, they need to move frequently throughout the day. Frequent, easy stretching and strength moves prove ideal. 

If they do not move, like a lake they can freeze. They could also become stagnant like a blocked river. Either state leads to serious health problems.

Quick qigong exercises spread throughout the day keep water element personality types healthy. This type of workout proves better for water types than one or two longer workouts.

Leg Squat Quick Qigong

Step into your potential

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Create Boundaries to Get Things Done

You can’t fool water element personality types. By and large, it’s not fun to do daily chores, attend meetings, pay the bills, etc. However, disaster awaits if these things do not get done.

Water element personality types may need to directly confront their tendency to think and daydream at the expense of doing their work.

When they need to get things done, water types need to create firm boundaries and complete their tasks. Any wiggle room, and they will spread out like water across a vast plain, with no direction.

Final Thoughts for Water Element Personality

This personality type feels profound by nature and have great insight. However, they do not need others to know their level of intelligence. No matter how lost or out of balance they get, they need to remember that they have the ability to recenter themselves and make life profound.

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Dr. Juli Kramer is a certified qigong instructor. She also holds a diploma in Chinese Medicine Nutritional Therapy and multiple certificates in Chinese medicine. As a qigong and meditation teacher, Dr. Kramer understands the important role movement and meditation have on developing a healthy body and mind. Juli also has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Counseling Psychology.

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