Uncover Little Known Ways to Transform Your Health...

If you're the type to chase after shiny health trends, with a closet full of forgotten Thigh Masters and Atkins Diet books (no judgment—we've all been there), then fear not... 

Keep scrolling, because what's coming up is right up your alley, especially if you're all about embracing the natural health vibe.

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Step into your potential

Achieve emotional harmony with Radiant Shenti's Health & Happiness Reboot Course.

Experience a heart-opening journey filled with security and warmth.

Don't Wake up feeling like a fossil when you roll out of bed

explore time-honored health practices

Join with People who resonate with your mindset and passions


Wellness Explorer...

Desire the freedom to walk to your car without fearing a fall?

Finding more excuses to skip exercise than there are crumbs in a coffee cake?

Wishing you could feel energized and alert without breaking a sweat?


As someone on the wellness journey, I've tried every exercise trend, from Jane Fonda in the 80s to step aerobics and marathon running. I understand the struggle of fitting into the latest fitness craze that might lead to:

  • Easily hurting your knees,
  • Throwing out your back,
  • Feeling burn out, run down, overwhelmed.
  • Or, worst of all, you're going to lose precious time you could have been spending with children and grandchildren because you're laid up on the couch, or you have to login to the app for the millionth time.



Qigong Qi Gong

It Turns Out, With Exercise, MORE And Harder Doesn't Equal Great RESULTS!

You see, after taking a cold hard look at my health in 2012, I realized despite how much I was exercising, trying to improve my health, I was actually left with:

  • A torn Achilles tendon that was pure agony even when I was sitting, let alone walking.
  • A consuming fear that I would one day not even be able to walk up a set of stairs.
  • A sense of hopelessness that I wouldn't continue to look and feel young and vibrant.

Plus the sinking feeling that I had no idea how to feel great about...getting older.

Just like you, I tried so many things, but there just wasn't...

  • A system to help us age with energy and without pain.
  • A place to be celebrated for getting older instead of being criticized and feeling lesser.
  • A way to reduce the stress without adding more.


I FOUND Asian & Shamanic



By incorporating Asian and shamanic healing practices, you create momentum in self-care, unlocking the key to staying motivated and progressing.

You'll be able to:

  • Attain a healthy weight through mindful eating that aligns with your body's needs
  • Experience a pain-free life without the burden of muscle overuse and injury
  • Rediscover abundant energy, even surpassing your 20s. Yes, it's possible.
  • Attain a sense of calmness and reduce agitation in your daily life.

It's the little daily things that go into your health routine that let you wake up one day and realize that you feel different, transformed... with just that little extra bounce in your step that makes you smile.

Having uncovered these age-old secrets to wellness, I've committed my life to sharing them with you, so you too can enjoy the rewards. That's why I created the Radiant Shenti Membership.


Radiant Shenti Membership is Soooo Much More than

Just Exercise! Inside You'll...

awaken your spirit

Discover the interconnectedness with all aspects of Earth, fostering a genuine bond with the world. Most importantly, you'll cultivate a deep connection with yourself.


Experience waking up revitalized every morning, effortlessly warding off illnesses. Others will marvel at your resilience and how you manage to stay healthy or recover swiftly when needed.

Meet like-minded people

As a member, you become part of a compassionate, nurturing, and supportive community. Our instructors and fellow members invest time in getting to know everyone, fostering a genuine and caring connection within the group.

live pain-free

By becoming a member, you gain access to easy, sustainable exercise options that empower you to take charge of your body and relieve discomfort.


Access genuine, approachable, and comprehensive health insights from our team of specialists. Beyond their expertise, our instructors ensure that learning is both enjoyable and easily accessible.


Delve into a variety of resources and pick what suits you best. Whether it's moving your qi (energy) with a guided qigong class, enhancing your facial glow with facial gua sha, or revitalizing your body and emotions through yoga, the options are yours to choose from.


Take a tour of Radiant Shenti's video library to see how easy it is to start feeling empowered, balanced, and informed.

Here's What You'll Get

  • Enjoy two live Zoom classes every week, valued at over $25 each.
  • Gain full access to a digital library featuring qigong, yoga, facial gua sha, meditation, cooking, and more wellness videos—a value exceeding $1000 and growing.
  • Explore six essential Radiant Shenti courses for free, valued at more than $300.
  • Become part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals, which is truly priceless.
  • Receive complimentary registration for exclusive workshops and events, valued at over $500 annually.
  • 2-week free trial
  • 30-day no problem money-back guarantee


Discover the keys to living your healthiest and happiest life with Radiant Shenti.




"Strength in dealing with challenges"

I have improved awareness of where I am, and improved flexibility, adaptability, strength in dealing with challenges.

Robert - manager

"The standard of teaching is really high"

I like to be able to dip in when I choose. The standard of teaching is really high, and I love to learn new things.

Eleanor - writer

"I feel better"

When I consistently practice, whether it's Qigong or Facial Gua Sha or Acupressure Massage, I feel better. I love that the classes are recorded and videos I can use when it works with my time.

Yvonne - healer

You’ll learn

You'll Experience

You'll Feel

You'll belong



  • A new way to think about health and well-being
  • How to "read" your body for better health
  • How to prevent and stop pain


  • More energy and emotional stability
  • Better core strength and improved circulation
  • Muscular development and strong immunity


  • Valued and care about
  • Grounded and balanced emotionally
  • Greater intuition

Here's How to Tell If Radiant Shenti Membership Will be the Missing Key in Your Efforts to Take Care of Yourself

  • You are curious and not afraid of new challenges.
  • You succeed when you have a clear plan to follow.
  • You like to be able to dip into learning and doing when you choose.
  • You believe in the power of natural healing
  • Radiant Shenti isn't for people who:

    • Practice qigong at a highly advanced level

    • Are happy with their current state of health and beauty

    • Feel content with western models of exercise and health to achieve their goals

    We're not saying it can't work for them. 

    But, we just wanted to be honest about who we had in mind when we designed the membership.

    get started now

    "Qigong is the antidote to aging."

    Elana - retired teacher

    You'll Get All This:

    Experience the transformative power of our Radiant Shenti Membership, packed with incredible value:

    1. Twice Weekly LIVE Online Classes: Elevate your well-being with exclusive live sessions, valued at over $50 per week. Immerse yourself in expert-led practices that empower your journey to health and vitality.

    2. Full Access to a Rich Digital Library: Enjoy unlimited access to a diverse range of content – qigong, yoga, facial gua sha, meditation, cooking, and more. With a value surpassing $1000 (and growing), this comprehensive library is your key to holistic wellness.

    3. Living in Harmony with the Seasons Courses: Unlock the secrets of balanced living with complete access to our Living in Harmony with the Seasons courses, valued at over $300. Discover ancient wisdom tailored to modern lifestyles for a healthier, more harmonious you.

    4. Membership in a Caring Community: Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals – an invaluable aspect of your wellness journey. The camaraderie and encouragement are truly priceless as you navigate your path to health and happiness.

    5. Free Registration for Exclusive Workshops and Events: Enjoy the privilege of free registration for special workshops and events, valued at over $500 annually. Deepen your knowledge, connect with experts, and enhance your overall wellness experience.

    Special Bonuses:

    • 2-Week Free Trial: Dive into Radiant Shenti risk-free with our generous 2-week trial period.
    • 30-Day No Problem Money-Back Guarantee: Your satisfaction is our priority. If within 30 days you find Radiant Shenti isn't the right fit, we've got you covered with our hassle-free money-back guarantee.

    Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to invest in your well-being. Join Radiant Shenti today and embark on a journey to a healthier, more vibrant you.



    Step into your potential

    Achieve emotional harmony with Radiant Shenti's Health & Happiness Reboot Course.

    Experience a heart-opening journey filled with security and warmth.

    Radiant Shenti membership qigong yoga yoga mudras meditation Reiki exercise health fitness holistic health


    "Much more than I expected"

    I came away with so much more than I expected. I learned how easy it is to move throughout the day (even though I have a desk job) and that little bits of movement really do add up.

    Cheryl - Computer systems

    "I appreciate all of the classes being recorded"

    I appreciate all of the classes being recorded as times often do not mesh with my availability.

    Bar - retired teacher

    "Your plan has empowered me to get moving"

    Thank you for helping me to focus on moving. Your plan has empowered me to get moving. This was a complete surprise.

    Elana - retired teacher

    Frequently asked questions

    Yeah, but...Will I be able to do this even if I don't know anything about Chinese medicine?

    Yes, our students tell us that they were confused about Chinese medicine before joining our membership or taking a class. They love how easy we make it to understand everything.

    Do I need to invest more money?

    You will be billed each cycle to maintain your membership.

    The great news is that you lock in your price for life!

    Even if the cost of that membership level increases, you will pay the same price forever.

    But what if I'm bad at exercise?

    All of the classes have modifications and are accessible for beginners to more advanced students.

    When are the monthly membership classes held?

    The monthly membership classes are held on Monday and Thursday, from 5:30-6:30 PM Mountain Time, and the first Sunday of each month from 9:00-10:00 AM Mountain Time.

    All classes are recorded for you to watch and re-watch on your own schedule.

    Do I get anything special since I'm a member?

    You receive special offers, such as 50% off products and courses. 

    Also, all of the Living in Harmony with the Seasons courses are included with your membership - $316 value. 

    Plus, you receive FREE enrollment in special guest speaker events, such as Drum Therapy, Power Animal Shamanism, Five Element Qigong, etc. The yearly value is over $477.

    Is there some type of money back guarantee?

    If for any reason you don't like this amazing membership, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with us, and we'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

    get started now

    Embark on a path to improved well-being by:

    1. Making nourishing choices,
    2. Avoiding sacrifice or deprivation,
    3. Steering clear of injury with easy-to-do yet strengthening exercises,
    4. Embrace the art of aging with vitality, AND
    5. Infuse dynamic motion into your daily routine