Living in Harmony with the Seasons

Living in Harmony with Spring: Cleanse and Clear

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Welcome to Radiant Shenti's Living in Harmony with Spring: Cleanse and Clear course.

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Radiant Shenti brings you a healthy way to cleanse your body, time-tested over thousands of years. You will you have fun while you learn:

  • How to cleanse your body
  • Boost your immunity
  • Balance your emotions
  • Special qigong and yoga sequences
  • Moxibustion to purge toxins
  • What to eat to cleanse and clear

Some examples of emotional and physical symptoms that indicate you need a spring cleanse include:

  • Impatience
  • Frustration
  • Resentment
  • Rudeness
  • Stiff tendons or ligaments
  • Muscle spasms
  • Numbness
  • Red, irritated, dry, and/or itchy eyes
  • Indigestion
  • Flatulence
Give your body a spring cleanse to clear toxins and blockages that build up during the winter. 

You do not need to put your body at risk from fad diets and cleanses. Chinese medicine has proven strategies to remove your internal blocks, to cleanse the body in a healthy way that won’t sap your energy or bring on new health problems.

Join Radiant Shenti for this spring to cleanse your body and embrace spring with new energy and openness.


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  • Suitable for all fitness levels

"I came away with so much more than I expected. I learned how easy it is to move throughout the day (even though I have a desk job) and that little bits of movement really  do add up.  Thank you!"

C.N.// New Mexico

"It's very much what I need to accomplish my health goals.  So much is explained and I truly need the movement exercises to loosen up my body."

L.L.// North Carolina

"From doing qigong, my energy is flowing in a new way and I am finally able to let go of what I no longer need and release the thoughts that were the source of my neck and head pain."

E.L./ Washington

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Course Structure

2 Lessons

Getting Started

In this module, you will learn how to use your journal and the website for a successful and invigorating Spring Movement Challenge experience.

Using Your Wellness Journal

There are a lot of special little features of your wellness journal. This guided video will introduce you to these features so you can take full advantage of the support the journal provides.

Spring Movement Challenge Introduction and Website Tour

A quick tour of the Spring Movement Challenge website.

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3 Lessons

Chinese Medicine Views on Spring

Learn how to cleanse your body safely this spring using ancient Chinese medicine methods. You will learn how to clear your mind and body of blockages that prevent the smooth flow of qi throughout your body.

Healthy Living in the Spring

Chinese medicine believes that the body's task in the spring is to release heat built up during the winter. By allowing yang energy to rise up and out, you will prevent disease and illness. You will also enjoy more stable emotions and greater creativity.

The Wood Element

Let’s first look at Wood’s nature to learn about how it relates to our health. Because food is so important for our health, we will provide food recommendations that help reduce the negative aspects listed on the chart below and strengthen the positive ones.

The Vernal (Spring) Equinox in Chinese Medicine

The Vernal Equinox is the mid-point of Spring in Chinese medicine. There are special ways to think about and care for your health at this time.
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Spring Qigong

James Saper, master qigong teacher, has created a series of special qigong videos that help you cleanse your body safely. You will also build strength and calm your mind to let go of emotions that harm the liver and heart.

You will also find additional liver and gallbladder strengthening qigong flows in this module, as well as qigong videos from the live classes.

What are qi and qigong?

Learn more about qigong and the role qi and qigong play in your physical and emotional health.

Three tips for learning qigong

James Saper, R.TCM.P. invites you to learn more about qigong and how to think about your practice.

Introduction to spring qigong flows

In Chinese culture, there's always this idea of the Yin and the Yang. In this lesson you will learn what this means for ensuring a healthy transition to the spring.

Spring Coiling qigong exercises

Coiling qigong exercises help to release stagnation and move toxins up and out of the body.

The Tiger Pounces

The tiger pounces is a classical qigong movement that involves different animals. This posture is one of the Tiger series. Although very powerful, the movement is also very soft and smooth that flows through the ligaments and tendons.

Spring eye massage

In Chinese medicine, the eyes are a conduit to the liver. Massaging and nurturing the eyes heals the liver and helps you stay healthy in the spring.

Three Tiger Forms

These three forms from James Saper are perfect to balance the yin and yang energy of spring.

Spring Bagua Dragon Challenge

James Saper teaches this powerful walking qigong form. Perfect to calm the liver and emotions.

Spring Qigong and Dance of Spring with John Platt

John Platt shares new ways to think about spring and movements that embrace and harmonize your body for the season.

Dance of Spring

This video is a short sequence of the Dance of Spring with John Platt. You will go through the dance three times.

Spring Qigong to Strengthen Qi and Release Stress

Spring can cause increased stress and agitation. By tonifying your qi, which means taking in and strengthening your qi, you have more energy to stay calm and release stress and agitation. You will also love the coiling and tendon and ligament-strengthening movements.

Spring Qigong for Mental and Physical Flexibility

This qigong flow will help you embrace positive aspects of the wood element - flexibility and creativity.

Spring Qigong Full Flow with Tiger Pounces

Fill your body and mind with more flexibility, kindness, and power through this qigong flow that incorporates the tiger pounces posture.

Spring Qigong Yang Energy 8 Pieces of Brocade

The more yang energy version of the 8 pieces of brocade qigong flow is perfect to help yang energy rise and clear. It's best to do in the morning or early afternoon.

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Spring Yoga

These yoga sequences are designed to help you detoxify your liver and release heat. They will also strengthen your eyes, which in turn helps your liver and gallbladder.

Twists for spring

Twisting motions release heat and toxins, boosting your health and immunity. This relaxing yoga flow is a perfect way to incorporate the powerful healing energy of twists.

Spring yoga flow

This nurturing full-length yoga flow will energize your body and open up meridian channels to release yang heat. You will feel revitalized and relaxed.

Yoga eye exercises

These yoga eye exercises are perfect for the spring. Spring is the season of the liver, and the liver's conduit to the outside world is the eyes. You will release stagnant liver energy and draw in fresh, healing qi.

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Chinese Dietary Therapy for Spring

Like nature in the spring, your body's energy is opening and rising, influenced by nature's rhythm. Spring is the season of germination, and your diet should be based on assisting the rise of Yang energy.

Basic principles of eating in the spring

This lesson explains basic principles behind eating in alignment with the energetic nature of spring.

How to make sprouts

Sprouts provide the greatest vitality in the life cycle of a plant and bring that energy into your body. This energy is in perfect alignment with the spring. In this lesson you will learn a little bit more about sprouts and how to grow them.

Sliced Chicken with Mung Bean Sprouts

This healing recipe decreases lactic acid and eliminate fatigue. It also helps yang energy rise up to cleanse the body in the spring.

Stir-fried Mushrooms with Celery

A great recipe to treat headaches and dizziness caused by an upsurge of liver fire, a common problem in the spring. This recipe also calms feelings of anger.

Adzuki Bean Porridge

Eat this nourishing porridge to combat feelings of anger accompanied by water retention.

Hawthorn Berry Tea

Treat the irritability and depression that often occur in the spring. Also a great remedy for tenderness/fullness of breasts and rib area.

Spring Cooking Class

Learn great tips and tricks for cooking and eating for the spring.

Dietary Recommendation for the Vernal (Spring) Equinox

The equinox is the middle of spring. Weather is warming but can still be chilly. These recommendations and recipe help balance your wood element at this time.
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Other Chinese Medicine Spring Health Practices

Moxibustion and acupressure massage are important tools to help yang heat rise up and out for vitality and energy.

What is moxibustion?

Learn about moxibustion and how it helps unblock stagnated meridians and qi in your body.

How to light your moxibustion stick

You will learn how to light your moxibustion stick to complete the healing patterns taught by Dr. Hou.

Spring moxibustion points

In this video, Dr. Hou explains why moxa is good for your health in the spring, as well as which acupressure points to use for spring moxibustion.

Combing therapy

Combing helps yang energy rise and move to the outside of your body, strengthening your immune system and releasing heat.

Daytime Guided Combing Flow

Raise your combing therapy to a new level by thinking about the energetics of your comb, or fingers if you prefer raking your hair. This sequence will help you raise your energy for your day in a way that increases mental clarity and a sense of calm. A calming Mountain Meditation follows the combing flow, helping your integrate and balance your core energy.

Evening Guided Combing Flow

This guided combing sequence will help you bring energy out of your head, preparing you for a good night's sleep.